Unique Website Traffic Building System Rates Higher than Expected...

As a small business owner I am constantly on the lookout for ways to get visitors to my websites cheaply. And believe me, they are hard to come by. So when I find a strategy with potential, I put it through some rigorous testing before I recommend it.

Today I have a new tool/strategy to recommend. It's called StartBlaze. You may have heard of it. Whether you have or not, read this piece which shares my exact results with StartBlaze as well as my ratings...

First, my Quick Rating so you can how this new website traffic generation tool (and now income opportunity as well) stacks up:

Website Traffic Generation: A
Visitor to Sale Conversion Ratio: C+
Setup Time: A+ (30 Seconds)
Ease of Use: A+
Price: A (Free and Pro version available.)
Overall Rating: A

OK, here's the skinny on my test results...

As I mentioned, at first glance I did not see the true potential in this tool. It appeared to be another one of the downline thingies that fail too often for most folks. But since I knew the creator, Mark Joyner of Aesop.com, personally, I promised him I'd at least check it out.

But my first thought was that Mark and his guys are always releasing "something" new at Aesop, so I have to admit, my first look at StartBlaze was a bit cursory. In fact, I didn't even sign up to use the tool right away.

Then a funny thing happened...

I did my weekly stats check and found that literally thousands of visitors came to my new make-a-living-online.com site directly from the StartBlaze tool.

What was going on here? I had only taken a "peek" at the site but did NOT sign up.

Yet I was getting a rapidly growing surge of traffic from it? I decided I had better investigate this situation and have another look at the system itself.

Upon further investigation I found that a few of my affiliates had joined StartBlaze and plugged in their affiliate URL. One of the new StartBlaze users was my top affiliate who had already been generating thousands of dollars weekly. This guy seemed to have a knack for getting free and low-cost traffic. And StartBlaze was his latest little secret!

If StartBlaze was doing so much for this one of my affiliates, my guess was it could help ALL my affiliates and perhaps lots of my gazette subscribers too!

So I signed up, plugged it into my business and after rigorous testing, here are the exact results I've been getting...

Real Website Traffic Results...

Total number of visitors sent to my site so far: 14680
Total number of visitors earned: 27453 (This is traffic to be delivered in the coming months.)
My cost: $0
(I just upgraded to the Pro version for more traffic, but even the Pro version costs just pennies a day.)
Sale conversion rate: 1 in 500
(Before you knock that low conversion rate, consider this... StartBlaze has so far been responsible for 27 sales of a $149 product, my Make A Living Online package, and my cost was $0 to generate these sales. So if return on investment is what you are looking for, as it should be, StartBlaze is tops.)

And as I mentioned above, the setup time takes just 30 seconds, giving this tool an overall A rating.

Why is this new traffic generation tool called StartBlaze working better than I had imagined it could?

Probably because of three major advantages it has over other traffic generation tools...

- It is unique

- It is ridiculously simple to use

- It takes advantage of viral web marketing

I could probably write for about an hour about all the cool features, but rather than waste your time, why don't you just try it out yourself.

As you'll see, this unique tool is so easy and so effective you'd be crazy not to use it immediately. You can set it up with the click of a few buttons and you too may be surprised at the traffic it generates.

Bottom Line: This may be one of the most effective traffic building systems I have encountered in the last few years. And now that the Pro version has been released, it can also be used as a money making opportunity.

If you need traffic to your website or your client's websites, try StartBlaze today. Spring for the Pro version and you'll get an additional 1000 targeted visitors to your site, plus an income opportunity that may surprise many experts in the coming months and years. I suggest you get in on it now.