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I have asked all the companies to send in a few paragraphs of information about what makes their banner exchange unique. Here is what this one said:

Personal Comments

This is THE BEST webring system. They have over five thousand different rings you can join! It is also the oldest webring system. I highly recomend this one.

Comments From Users Of This Service

This is where all you people out there that have used this in the past (or are using it at the moment), can post your comments, good or bad. Here they are:

Bobby Williams says: "Webrings have really boosted the traffic on my site, Nearly half my traffic is coming from a webring."

kpn says: "I created one for All Sites. so if you cant find one to join you can always join this one :)"

Peter says: "A great free service that I would recomend to anyone. has an online search engine for rings, An FAQ, a mailing list, lots of feautres, support, and it is the most involved thing I have done on the net! Go Webring!!!"

John N. says: "You want promotion? Then here is the place to go. I run a business and get about 20% of all my hits from the web ring. It is a great thing to try out I kn ow my URL has gotten a boost ever since joining."

Rob Ryley says: "I have psychology related site ( that has been a member of a web ring for 6 months. My stats indicate they account for about 10% of my traffic. I think that is a pretty good amount. The most important thing to consider is what ring to join. Make sure that your site is similar to the other sites in the ring. Otherwise, you may not be as successful."

Priya says: "I am Indian and I am a member of 2 web rings. One of which is an Asian Indian WEb ring. Since my page is a general personal page, it doesn't get a large amount of visitors. But I got more than 50% of visitors through this Indian web ring. So, all those who thought webring bring in only a small amount of traffic might be pleasantly surprised sometimes. "

Claire A. Amundsen Schaeffer says: "As someone who belongs to several web rings, but doesn't manage/own one, I'd like to offer that web rings bring a variety of traffic to your site that might never find it otherwise. I participate in eight web rings of (my home address is -- they account for a very small percentage of the traffic to my site, but they do bring people who I know are interested in what my site has to offer. All of the webrings were very simple to join -- has done so much to automate the process, it's a snap. And this comes from someone who joined her first ring in mid-1996, it was a bit more complex then, but has done wonders to simplify the process of joining and/or modifying a site's ring information."

Mark Roth says: "Webring -- Wow! I am an enthusiastic user of their services. I own/run two rings: Discover Oregon ( and Anabaptists Web Ring ( Webring management is so easy, so useful and so informative."

Stephen Israel says: "This webring system is fabulous! I currenty manage a webring called "Cool Netsites" located at, as well as other rings, are a great way to advertise your page!"

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