How to Get Enormous Organic Traffic on eCommerce Store in 2016?

eCommerce stores have been running on Internet for more than 8 years and continuously evolving with many advanced features. Nowadays, everything is being sold on Internet from single pin to large machines etc. Finding of Forrester research says that in 2015, USA online shoppers spent nearer about $226 billions & will spend $327 billions in 2016, (expected number) which is 45% more than previous year. There are more than millions of online stores running on Internet and to stand in market it requires lots of effort to pull customers to store. In this competitive market, it is hard to stand out.

Now 2015 will become past in 2 days & 2016 is approaching. Each and every online store owners and eCommerce SEO service agency has started thinking about new tactics to increase traffic on store. It is not enough to just list out your product on the Internet and sit back, competition is too much high and bringing visitors to the website is very much tough for eCommerce SEO agency. Do you have any idea from where eCommerce traffic come to webstore? Don't worry I have listed some of them below which will definitely help to bring visitors and covert them into customers.

Content Marketing:

Search engine loves quality content and content marketing is one of the finest way to increase enormous organic traffic. It isn't new but still in the top position and marketers love it. As a reader, I am very much tired of reading generic content with keyword stuffing, lots of SEO keywords which aren't suit to content but with this headache, I also get high rated content than ever before.

Conclusion is that, consumers are looking for useful, informative, specific and target content nothing else. Let's understand it in general words, ”a consumer spends 5 minutes to read content and he doesn't find any information from it, definitely he doesn't like and will go away from your page.” eCommerce businesses who use unique & niche product selling tactics can get huge result from content marketing.

Be User friendly:

Being user friendly is the most important factor to be seen in 2016 for an eCommerce store. Customers do not love complexity & long checkout process during purchasing. One should have to be updated with latest trends towards web design and user behavior. Look at the latest trends in web design will be rolled out in 2016: fluid grid layout, responsive web design, appropriate image size etc.

Since last few years, mobile shoppers have been increasing as mobile technology increased gradually. So, It is mandatory for eCommerce SEO company to optimize webstore for such users. 50% from total revenue from USA will be come from mobile users in 2015 as Garner says. Both mobile and desktop users are becoming picky and  if a user find difficulty in navigating your website, you will see drop in traffic in coming year.

Stay with Multi Channel Shopping:

Customers change the way how they purchase not from where they are shopping. A customer can shop from multiple devices like mobile, tablet & desktop. He/she might visit website from desktop from office or from mobile while traveling or from tablet at home. So business owners need to design such a store that a customer can experience same from all the devices.

Keep in Mind: Video Marketing:

According to Cisco, By the end of 2017, 69% of Internet traffic will be come from video content. This is huge factor for eCommerce stores. So, it's time to think about video in this coming year 2016. It's time gone for traditional advertising but it's time for attractive and innovative marketing ideas. Video is one of them and eCommerce businesses should have to keep in mind. The most innovative & effectives videos that users seek will be shared and play a big role in bringing traffic.

Be engage with Social Media Users:

Social media has covered the whole world almost. A social media user share all the stuffs on timeline no matter it is personal or social. Research says that traffic from social media is more relevant & chances to get much revenue rather than other traffic sources. When a word “social media” come in mind, we only consider Facebook, Twitter, Google+ but there are many other social media sites which are famous in their niche. It's a good opportunity for eCommerce business owners to find niche social media sites, target customers and encourage them to browse store.

Over to You:

2016 will be successful for those who will update themselves with consumer behavior. These above 5 ways will be helpful to get enormous traffic to online store. If you are not good at these then it's better to hire eCommerce  SEO company. If you have any latest trends that will help business owners, then comment it below.