Best 15 Magento 2 Extensions in 2019

Do you know that the Magento helps about 4 percent of eCommerce stores and multiple websites across the globe? Well, Magento is recognized as an e-commerce platform for many users. One of the main reasons being loving Magento is because of its user-friendly extensions that offer all that you want for your site. Hence, if Magento is the next choice for your e-commerce store then this article is definitely for you.


  1. Magento Product Matrix shipping extension
    This extension offers you the flexibility to compute shipping and logistics rates based on your business needs. By using this, you can easily determine the shipping rates by combining any metrics like quantity, price, weight, and volume. The extension also enables you to design customized shipping groups for classifying your products and assigning shipping rates. It is far more the best Magento extension used by e-commerce stores.

  2. Testimonials
    The extension helps you to add a trustworthy testimonial on your webpage feedback that consists of information about the author in order to gain the trust and credibility of the user. This module assists the site proprietors to have testimonials from their clients and visiting guests. The extension can be easily incorporated to your sore frontend and thereby making it easiest to use the module. Testimonials help to increase user engagement and thereby generate more business as it a kind of word of mouth marketing.

  3. Language Translator
    For a successful business, it is firmly believed to have a multilingual website as you might attract customers from across the globe or you may want to expand your business on an international platform. By using this extension, you can easily translate your e-commerce content into any desired language that is most suitable for your target audience. Above all, it also lowers down the additional expense on content translation and outsourcing.

  4. FAQ
    The FAQ extension is one of the most effective ones for your Magento store as it allows you to display the most frequently asked questions and answers by your consumers. It assists the customers to find the common inquiries on the knowledge base and faq lists where it also allows the admin to add questions and answers by listing them on the front end with Tabs. Hence, by making use of this extension, you can easily solve the queries or most asked a question from your customer base effectively.

  5. Quick Search Magento extension
    It happens quite a lot that new website visitors are clueless or have less idea about what they need. To solve this, the Quick Search Magento extension comes handy as it adds 'autocomplete' to the search option by letting the users or visitors get the most accurate results of what they are searching for. The module is applicable to the entire site and not just limited to product pages by covering all the Content Management System elements.

  6. Product Label
    The product label extension allows you to write a brief description of the product that you want to feature in your store. It helps the customers to gain info about the uses of the product if they are new to the one. You can also try to create brand awareness by making use of these extensions and write an overall short summary of the product related to its uses and other advantages that are beneficial to the users

  7. Mageplaze Gift Card Module
    Besides translating your conversions into the sales, it is crucial that you nurture the leads on a regular basis. This extension helps you to reconnect with your leads by sending them creative gift cards; you can also design the cards all by yourself and send them to your known customers. You can also send these cards through letters or emails individually or even in bulks to your customers.

  8. Brand
    This extension helps the store owners to display their brand logos on their websites by making use of blocks, templates, widgets, and layouts. By doing so, it allows regaining user trust and credibility thereby increasing the customer engagement. The extensions empower various brand properties and use the widget for including the quicker brand posting. You can make use of this extension to help increase sales and generate more business

  9. Admin Google Analytics
    The extension is used to provide a backend option for adding the google analytics code in Magento admin pages. It will allow the admin to monitor and control the views of the webpages made by their sales team or admin users. The similar frontend is used to store the Google Analytics ID or various Google Analytics ID can be used without any type of interruption.

  10. 404 Error Logger
    The 404 Error logger extension is used to track and log all the 404 error pages on your Magento store for the smooth and effective working. 404 error is considered as one of the most common error on the web which has a heavy impact on the SEO rankings. It should be fixed upon immediate basis before the visitors get stumbled on it. The extension records all 404 errors occurring on your site and also page URLs which are generating broken links.

  11. Banner Slider
    This extension is used to let the store owners place smart banners on their e-commerce websites by helping them to create an unlimited image for your website to reach the ultimate target audience. With the help of this extension, you can design each and every slider with your own topics, styles, and formats. It helps to add sliders anywhere from your homepage to another page and multi supports your store.

  12. SEO All In One
    It is a well-developed Magento extension that helps to optimize your online store ranking on search engines. You can make use of this extension even if you have little to no technical knowledge as it does not need to modify any code. The plugin helps to avoid duplicated content and arranges all the datasets into structured data. It also supports layered navigation and comes with an option of social sharing via Open-graph or Twitter card.

  13. Products Attachment
    The products attachment extension allows you to upload multiple files of the chosen format by providing the users with an accurate manual and user guide on product pages. You can also transfer the files to products grid, utilize a similar attachment for various items and transfer records on the item lattice.

  14. Squarefeed Google Shopping Ads
    This extension is considered as one of the easiest ways to promote brands or products on google shopping. It allows to export your product feed to Google merchant and create your own google shopping Ads campaign where you can simply go live in just a few clicks. The extension is considered as one of the most effective forms of advertising for Magento merchants as you can get easy product data feeds, one-click connection to any google merchant and launch your campaign easily from the Magento admin.

  15. Most Viewed Products
    This extension helps to display the most viewed products in the slider at the front of your e-commerce store where you can also demonstrate the products on the landing page, classification pages, item pages or CMS pages. The extension is flexible with all the positions on your site and displays in Slider layout. It also facilitates to insert the most viewed product in a block using CMs, widgets, and layout.

Wraping Up!

Here we come to the end. We hope you must have liked the article and get to know more about the Magento extensions from its store. You can also find more from the Magento store. Keep Learning!