Tips For Business Recovery I Learned From John Paul Dejoria, A Billionaire Entrepreneur And Philanthropist

I’ve gone to over a dozen helpful webinars the last few weeks and even given some myself. I’m really glad I made time to attend INC Magazine’s webinar. Tom Foster, INC’s Editorial Director, hosted a thought-provoking interview with salon and spirits entrepreneur and philanthropist, John Paul DeJoria. John Paul is the co-founder of Paul Mitchell hair care as well as Patron Spirits. His ideas on how to handle business recovery are very much in line with those of Trent and Company.  We were the first PR firm dedicated to wellness and we have done that for over 30 years.  So I was thrilled to hear John Paul talk about body, mind and spirit health and his hair looks GREAT!


We dealt with the shock of COVID, we asked our clients how we could help and have quickly become “speed pivoting” experts.  Now consumers and the brands they buy need to start the recovery process. As recovery reveals itself, John Paul believes no one will have second thoughts about wearing a mask and everyone will be more conscientious about cleanliness and social distancing. 


Here is how businesses can approach customers and consumers to give them what they need and get what they want for long lasting success.


Personal touch – You have to reach out and let your employees, customers, potential customers and clients know you care now more than ever.   We are already seeing a resurgence in voice communication which practically disappeared before COVID.  Business can not be conducted on text alone, conversations need to happen. If in person meetings are out and video conferencing is getting tiring, the phone call is the best medium.  And be sure to let people know you are there for them, that you are strong and they can count on you.


Stay positive – It can be hard but the power is in your own mind.  You are what you think so think big and grow from this. My favorite line of John Paul’s is, “Everything will be okay at the end.  And if it’s not okay, it’s not the end!”


Greatest good for the greatest number – Those who manage to be successful need to leverage it to help and do good for others.  He is very committed to leveraging his success to improve the greater good.  It’s good for a business to think charitably and expansively.  Consumers know the most powerful way they can vote is with their dollar and research shows they buy from companies who are doing good. 


Find the new opportunities – Anything related to health, preventative medicine, self-care and preservation will continue to be in demand, which includes fitness, food and grooming.  John Paul says he starts everyday with a glass of water, probiotics, meditation and water.

COVID has made us more committed to wellness.  It contributes to our ability to be resourceful and resilient so we can come back stronger.  That’s our plan!