Why Voice Commerce is the biggest fact in Ecommerce?

Voice technology is something that is moving forward in leaps and bounds. It has become integrated into voice commerce in such a way that it influences the online shopping experience pretty significantly. Since it is considered to be the talk of the future, it is important to take a detailed look into it so that a better perspective can be gained about it.

What is voice commerce?

Generally, when shopping online, one uses a keyboard and a mouse to place an order through a portal. Voice commerce is an alternative to it. Virtual assistants like Alexa by Amazon and Google Assistant are used to initiate a search online and an order is placed with the help of a voice. Thus, this facility makes online shopping more convenient and simpler as voice technology can be used to search as well as buy a product.

You don't have to exclusively dedicate some time to it for it to work. It is completely hands-free. The result that you get from it is faster than anything else. Overall, it can be considered to be a landmark in voice technology.

How does Voice Commerce work?

Voice commerce needs just two recent pieces of technology, a smart device and a speaker that has the feature of Voice Assistant in it. The most common smart device is a smartphone and the popular voice-controlled assistants are Google Home and Amazon Echo. These speakers have been traditionally used to play music on the Internet, order food, and obtain necessary information. The functioning of these devices for Ecommerce works along the same lines.


If a person wants to use the Amazon Alexa for shopping, all they have to do is activate it by taking it's name and then say "Alexa, order" followed by the product of choice. If it is already saved in the history of the buyer, a suggestion is based on it. If it is a new product, Amazon Choice products are recommended first followed by the others. Following this, the price of the product is revealed and confirmation is awaited. If the response is towards the affirmative, the order is placed immediately, else it is kept on hold.

Judging by the steps described above, it looks to be relatively simple. Google Assistant works similarly. It has tie-ups with multiple organizations like Costco and Walmart and the user can directly access their catalog and place an order from it. The steps of recommendations, confirmation, and final placing of the order are followed here as well.


Why brands should be paying attention to Voice Commerce?

The ultimate aim of any brand is to improve the sales of its product. Therefore, they should be looking at following the latest trends. Voice commerce is one such method of doing so. It makes online shopping fast and simple and consumers can order from any portal without engaging themselves on a smart device physically. Moreover, the saved options can be used and orders can also be repeated at will. Therefore, the total turnover from using Voice Commerce is definitely going to be promising.

Why Voice Commerce is the future of E-commerce?

There is no denying the fact that Voice Commerce is the next step in the furthering of E-commerce. As brands work towards integrating it in their marketing campaign and advertisement, their approach will change to adapt to it better. The base of customers is also going to expand with time. Therefore, brands need to reform the way they list themselves. The opportunities created will be a lot more diverse and the brands will be well-equipped to deal with it to make as much profit as possible.

Importance of voice search in Ecommerce

Easy to review

Since voice technology refers to saved lists first when providing recommendations for shopping, the choice becomes easy to make.

Enables smart shopping

Certain voice assistants have collaborations and deals with certain brands. Their catalogs can be reached easily using voice assistants for online portals. The use of artificial intelligence plays a role in it. Therefore, smart shopping can be done using this voice ai technology.


Using voice technology, the user can save a lot of time. They do not need to have any physical device at their disposal. They just need to give a voice command using voice technology and the product can be ordered.

Reach elusive prospects

The prospects of voice technology are quite far-reaching. Therefore, even the elusive ones can be accessed through it.

Reach multiple users at once

Any brand that plans to use voice assistants for maximizing their sale, they will look to engage and reach out to as many people as possible. This can be done efficiently by using voice technology.

Brands that use voice search


Nestle launched a culinary skill honing application that used visual cue for guidance to improve the culinary skills of the people. It was a step forward in the right direction towards the use of this technology.


Domino's developed a particular application for voice ordering and gave discounts to the people using it. This was deemed to be a huge success and gave the technology the boost that it needed.

The bottom line

Even though voice commerce is in a pretty nascent stage, its application in e-commerce is going to be far-reaching very soon. Most of the business organizations and brands are going to inculcate it in its advertising curriculum ultimately to reap the benefits of it.