Two-factor authentication: where should you use it and what is the bypass alternative

Since the outset of the World Wide Web, online criminals have been trying to discover ways to bypass corporate protection systems. At the same time, security experts have used their methods to protect the systems from various breaches. Two-factor authentication is one of the systems that are used to protect online infrastructures. This is a way to authenticate personal devices for entering online portals like websites, web apps, or mobile apps.

Most companies consider this system to be protected since it allows users to verify online users' web assets. However, hackers can use some methods to bypass two-factor authentication and, in this way, compromise users' data.

The features of two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is a sort of additional layer of security for your online accounts. Users need to present a verification code after signing in to their email address. The second factor is their passwords.

The login confirmation code is created by an online app that is installed on users' smartphones.

Possible ways to bypass two-factor authentication

As a rule, online perpetrators get access to their victims' accounts by accessing their email addresses, passwords, and mobile devices in general.

There are several ways to deliver a one-off code to your device. Web app services can use public SMS APIs and make the code generation system send the codes using SMS.

This approach uses a GSM system for sending out one-off text messages with codes. There's no need for any sort of online access on mobile devices.

Temporary codes are also sent using the web app's login systems alongside third-party programs. For example, It could be a google authenticator. Using this method requires the phone with online access. The app connects with its cloud interface. The interface itself connects with the app's login feature for synchronizing timings with the login panel.

OnlineSIM as a way to use virtual numbers for verification purposes

If you need to register on any given website — be it social media, email service, SEO tool, or any blog platform — you can use a virtual phone number rather than your personal one.

OnlineSIM is an online sim service provider. You can register on this website and then use their virtual phone numbers, which are generated by mobile carriers from almost any country of the world.

OnlineSIM offers two options of getting virtual numbers. The first is a short-time number rent, and the second is a long-time rent. The latter allows you to get an unlimited number of SMS from any given website or app.