How to Sell More on Instagram for your Magento Store

Let us bring you a secret. Instagram has become the new mode of increasing visibility and is the "King of all Social Media Apps". The most trending social media application has become an obsession for our generation. It is picking up the interest of mobile users that want to increase their visibility in the market and share visuals. 

If you are a Facebook user, you might feel that Instagram is a simplified version of it, allowing users to share photos, reels, and IGTV. IT also offers a platform for users to follow each other, share, like, comment, message, and tag each other The users can also publish a story that will be visible to others for 24 hours and set the limitations of close friends.

No matter how much you know about Instagram, something new will pop up when you next use it. This is what the new-age social media is doing to rule the market. Even digital marketers are not far behind in embracing the ever-changing market and use Instagram for their benefit. 

Instagram has around thousands of business accounts (from startups to enterprises). Each month, 1.22 billion people use Instagram and 70% of users choose Instagram for their next purchase. The business success depends entirely on the offerings, audience requirements, and planning using the Instagram integration Magento 2 extension.

This was just a general introduction to Instagram; let us explain a bigger picture – Shoppable Instagram. 


What is Shoppable Instagram?

Shoppable Instagram is one of the most interesting terms you might have used. As the name suggests, business profiles can create their shop on Instagram to sell products across the globe. Then, the users can browse the products on their Instagram profile and, in a few clicks, can make the purchase. 

It increases the individual's popularity and helps them interact in the market, cover potential customers, and notify everyone about new releases. In addition, users can convert their Instagram accounts into shopping stores to increase market visibility and boost the shopping experience. 

It also notifies users about new offers and releases and converts leads into potential customers. If you want to increase your sales without diverting the traffic on your website, then Shoppable Instagram can be a step forward.

  1. Start with diverting all the products to your Instagram store by tagging them to stories to make a hassle-free transformation.

  2. Once the pages are directed to the Instagram account, lead the product to the details page, including product description, name, price, etc., to the Instagram feed.

  3. Then connect it to the checkout path using the 'Shop Now' button to redirect to the Magento store. 


Why is Instagram will Perfect Choice for your Magento Store?

Magento 2 Instagram Integration extension is prevalent for companies or startups that want to leave a mark in the market. The benefits of using Magento for the Instagram store are:

  1. The business owners can attract more customers via Magento 2 Instagram integration extension. It improves the client experience and store's appearance with a little flair and wonderful features.

  2. Visually feature products to pin the characteristics and use product tags to increase their visibility. The specific hashtag can also help market the product and help reach across the globe. 

  3. There are several layouts and designs that users can choose from to give their Instagram a whole new look. It is possible to set up an eCommerce store to suit the extensions' content display and Instagram page dimensions. 


Top 10 Ways to Increase Selling on Instagram for your Magento Store

#1 Describe the product story

It is essential to describe the product story to the customers, which will help them connect to it. Such as defining the meaning of the product, a glimpse into the photo session, impact on users, etc., that can make users feel connected to it. 


#2 Display live pictures

No one wants to get the pictures clicked a few days back and uploaded on the story or post. However, to create an impact in the market, users need to click on the pictures and depict the real context to help them make better decisions. 


#3 Use advertisements

The users can depend on the paid version of advertisements to get a large mass and increase brand awareness. These ads will be displayed on the relevant user accounts to get more audiences and likes. 


#4 Hashtags

The power of hashtags is something that users are still figuring out. However, the dynamic tags hold the ability to reach out to most consumers, especially if you want to increase the visibility of your website using the Magento 2 Instagram integration extension. Use 5-10 tags for each post and see its impact on your consumers and lead conversion. 


#5 Upload consumers feedbacks or products

Mount-to-mount marketing is still the best mode to increase sales. Even the Magento store users can share the feedback received from customers to showcase their product value in the market. It will impact the users and encourage others to purchase the product. 


#6 Build a community

To gain more traction in the market, users need to build a community by staying connected with customers, boosting user engagement, and gaining brand loyalty. Therefore, it is best to use a community-oriented approach to increase brand awareness and help the customers personally align with the lifestyle of the products. 


#7 Organize contests

If you want to engage more customers, it is best to offer rewards and organize contests, tag friends, and follow users. In addition, it is best to build trust with consumers and try to increase brand awareness in the market to obtain leads. 


#8 Promote contests

The best way to promote contests is by advertising them to many people and friends, asking influencers to share them, and offering the best deals that can make an impact. It will help you gain many followers and help you stand firm against your competitors. 


#9 Optimize the profile

The users need to strategically place the content, pictures, and profile to increase visibility. An interesting bio, searchable username, attractive story highlights, contact details, simple profile picture, etc., can go a long way when it comes to leaving an impact in the market. 


#10 Celebrate

Business owners need to celebrate seasons and festivals that can help make customers connect with the product. This is one of the best ways to build an online store, especially in the market where everyone is fighting tooth and nail to increase sales. It can be a festival to time, a device to geography that holds power to hook the audience. 



Who says you can't increase your sales. Instagram is a great way to generate sales without investing money in marketing strategies. The Magento store can maximize user engagement and obtain more sales if you play your cards correctly.