9 Tips to Improve your Email Marketing ROI

The following are 9 email marketing tips that you can use to increase ROI:

In the digital era, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and efficient marketing tools. According to a study, an average marketing ROI is 122%, which is much higher than other digital marketing channels. 

All across the globe, organisations are working effortlessly to get maximum returns on their investment. Most companies have defined one way or the other to measure their ROI. However, an effective email marketing strategy needs to be applied to maximise ROI. 

In the absence of a good strategy, the investment in the form of time and money can ultimately turn out to be a costly affair.

In this article, we would be discussing how the power of email marketing can be utilised to get the most attractive ROI. The following are 9 email marketing tips that you can use to increase ROI:


  • Divide your Email List into Segments

Segmenting the email list would help you in sending more targeted emails that can improve the email campaign results drastically. One can expect an increase of up to 760% by segmenting email campaigns. 

The email list can be segmented on the basis of behaviour data, purchase history, demography, or the stage of the sales funnel. You can even try out different types of segmentation and find out which one suits your business best. This process helps in increasing the relevance of the whole marketing effort for different subscribers.


  • Give a Personal Touch to the Emails

There are many email marketing tips, and personalising emails is one way to make them more useful for individual subscribers. This can even be done by adding the first names of the recipients in the greeting. However, one needs to make sure that the subscribers are addressed with the correct name. 

Another way would be setting up an automated behaviour trigger email. For example, you can send a follow-up email once someone makes a purchase on your site. Personalisation tends to increase the email click-through rate as well as leads to more conversions. This is a great option for boosting ROI.


  • Send the Emails at a Suitable Time

The day and time that you choose to send the emails can significantly impact the engagement rates. Emails need to be sent at a time when people are most likely to open and go through them. If you wish to find out the best days and times to send emails, then you need to go through some trial and error. You can send emails on different days and times and then track their performance to see what works best. 

While in some cases, Monday morning might be the best time, others could see Friday evening to be the best. Do not forget to keep in mind the time zones of your recipients as this can affect when they actually receive the email.


  • Optimise the Email for Mobile

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, most people open their emails on their mobiles. Hence, you need to make sure that the emails you send also look appealing on smartphones and tablets. In case they do not look good on mobiles, recipients would likely unsubscribe or delete your emails. 

You can go for templates that make your email look great, irrespective of which device they are opened on. This is one of the most basic and important tips to improve your Email Marketing ROI.


  • Pay attention to deliverability

Focusing on the deliverability of emails is also important. The emails should reach the recipients’ inboxes on a regular basis rather than being trapped in spam or junk. To ensure this, it’s important to ensure that the email content is of high-quality and clean. 

Avoid using any words that can trigger spam filters. You can include an unsubscribe button at the end so that people who are not interested can unsubscribe from your list rather than reporting it as spam. 


  • Create Subject Lines that are Engaging and Eye-catchy

Engaging subject lines are crucial to ensure that your emails are opened. They encourage the recipients to not only open your emails but to also learn about your company and become customers. 

A good subject line is personal and concise, makes use of strong verbs, and gives the readers a good idea of what is inside the email. One can even create a sense of urgency with a subject line, such as “Do not miss this huge discount!”


  • Add videos to the Email

Another great way to boost engagement is by adding videos to your email marketing strategy. By including video thumbnails, the number of email clicks is expected to grow by 22%. It’s also a great way to give readers a visual to associate the content with. Ultimately, it would encourage them to click the link and visit your site.


  • Include a Call to Action

In case you want your subscribers to act on your email, you need to make sure the email conveys the same. Include a call-to-action in your email to increase traffic to your designated landing pages. This can encourage readers to sign up for a webinar or buy a particular product. It’s a great way to increase engagement rates and encourage subscribers to take action.


  • Keep Track of Email Performance

Once you have started sending out emails to your subscribers, it’s important to keep track of your email marketing campaign on a regular basis. This way, you would be able to evaluate your performance and optimise your emails accordingly. 

You can also test the emails regularly to track which content resonates with recipients the most. This way, you can incorporate your findings in your next email campaign and gain better results.


In this arena, there is always pressure for higher engagement rates, better conversions and more revenue. However, it’s important to focus on the strategic and creative aspects of email campaigns to ensure maximum ROI. 

Along with creating a smart strategy, it’s also important to keep testing the strategy overtime to get maximum positive results. The above tips to improve your Email Marketing ROI are sure to help you impact your email campaigns and boost ROI when done properly.