When Bulk E-mail is OK To Use!

Hold the firing squad for just a minute. :-)

I am 1000% against SPAM and I have been for many, many years. I even state it on my web site and in my FBCN newsletter publications.

But there is one instance when bulk e-mail is OK:

When you are e-mailing our own 100% Opt-In subscriber list.

Over the past holiday season I came to the difficult decision to finally give up the Earthlink account that I have had since 1997.

My reasons were twofold:

First, I have NEVER received the DSL speeds that I have been faithfully paying on for over a year.

And, I can no longer tolerate the crushing weight of daily SPAM that my account now receives.

Daily I receive close to or over 1000 e-mail messages. I am lucky when 300 of those messages are actually meant for me instead of whoever owns my e-mail address.

Seems the longer you own the same e-mail address, the more SPAM lists it will find itself being included with for a fee that you will never get to see.

So, it was out with the old and in with the new ISP.

Problem was that it would not allow me to use my old e-mail software with which I sent out ALL my lists.

It took me a few weeks but I finally came up with a viable solution to my problem.

I switched to bulk e-mail software.

It was the only solution that I could find that would allow me to e-mail out to my various lists and yet I did not have to go thru my new ISP e-mail server.

The beauty of bulk e-mail software is that it acts like its very own e-mail server and sends out my message directly from my desktop to your e-mail server.

This solution allowed me to keep my new DSL ISP and to benefit from their super low introductory rate and still manage my various mailing lists myself.

We ALL hate SPAM...or we should.

But using bulk e-mail software is totally OK and permissible when you use it to send out your message to a 100% Opt-In mailing list.

A.T.Rendon Copyright 2003All Rights Reserved