Ira M. Pasternack

PW:PW: I have been a subscriber of your Marketing Tip Of The Day (MTOTD) for some time now. Would you like to tell everyone what it's all about?

IP: MTOTD is an Ezine (electonic newsletter) that helps subscribers with their Internet Marketing. Each business day, subscribers receive a tip related to marketing on the Net, including specific steps needed to carry out the tip. I use a broad definition of marketing, and try to make sure tips are specific to *Internet* marketing. Some examples of the categories of the tips are: Search Engine strategies, linking strategy, Internet marketing strategy, use of ezines, technical tips (such as use of Meta tags), use of discussion groups, and helpful resources for marketing.

PW:PW: What would you say is the most helpful tip that you have ever published?

IP: That's a tough one, considering we are about to hit #300! Also, every one of our 2400+ subscribers is different, so the most helpful tip for one person or category of people will be different from the most helpful for others. (Plus, I'm not good at picking favorites. :-)

In general, if I had to pick one category of tips that is most helpful, it would be those related to determining your Internet Marketing Strategy. I say this because far too many businesses get on the Net "because everyone else is online". They expect results, yet they don't even know what those results should be; or, they set unreasonable objectives given the time or resources they devote to obtaining those objectives.

PW:PW: How can our readers sign up for your newsletter?

IP: They have two choices:

1. Send a message to MESSAGE: subscribe mtotd

2. Visit our Web-based archive. From there, you can check out past tips, and you can subscribe by clicking the link at the upper right of the page to "Subcribe To List".

PW:PW: You also work for a company called Clearly Internet. Can you tell us a bit about what they do?

IP: Sure! I am the Managing Partner of Clearly Internet. Clearly Internet provides project management, training, and consulting services to help businesses with Internet related projects. We help businesses develop and implement a strategy for using the Internet as a business tool for marketing, research, communication, and/or collaboration. We work with business owners directly, and we also work with Web developers and others in the industry, allowing them to offer a more complete package of services to their clients.

PW:PW: Do you have any final website promotion tips for our readers?



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IP: First, before you start promoting or even developing (or if it is too late for that, before you do anything else) make sure you have a plan with specific objectives. Once you determine your strategy and set your goals, the best advice I can give is to keep at it. Don't expect results overnight. And, be prepared for the unexpected. Running any business, whether in the "real world" or on the Net, takes a *LOT* of work. But, if you develop a detailed and reasonable strategy, and you are truly devoted to making your business a success, you will obtain success.

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