Nancy Roebke

PW: First, tell us a bit about yourself.

NR: I am the the Executive Director, for Profnet, Inc, a professional business lead generation corporation. I am also the co-owner of Just Business, Inc- an online business lead generation corporation. Both Profnet, Inc, and Just Business, Inc. help business professionals find more business in a non-competitive environment through participation in business netwoking groups.

I specialize in teaching business professionals how to generate more revenue for their firms through strong networking skills.I spent ten years working with entrepreneurs in this capacity after owning my own retail establishment for 9 years. I am also a 1993 inductee into Who's Who, Who's Who in America, The Top 2000 Women in America, and a 1997 inductee into Who's Who Internationally.

PW: How do you help webmasters market and promote their websites?

NR: I have seen an attempt to abandon the traditional ways of relationship-building online because there are so many people. The thought is that, because there are so many people, one should work toward getting as many people as possible to one's site. I teach that the goal should be to get as many QUALIFIED BUYERS to ones site as possible. Even if that means that the number is small. The percentage of potential customers is high.

There are many things that can be done online to build strong, mutually-beneficial business relationships in the same way that they are done offline. But there are still other things that are unique to online relationship-building. I specialize in teaching those as well.

PW: What do you think is the best free website promotion technique you have used?

NR: I avoid much of what is offered free because the small business communtiy knows when someone has a free website or is using free email. That has hurt the credibility of MANY businesses that use the free service.

But there are still things that are free that REALLY help online. Two of my favorites are press release submissions and the writing of articles about one's field. BOTH of these have lead to tremendous exposure for me.

PW: In closing, do you have any general comments on promoting websites that you would like to pass along?

NR: I STRONGLY suggest the use of autoresponders to market and promote one's services. These are email addresses that automatically send out info when requested. I have over 80 of them running right now.

I have used them to hire people, to train people, to exchange information with potential clients and to provide help for existing clients.

My autoresponders generate over 1000 QUALIFIED leads a month for me. Now you see why I swear by them.

PW: You can visit Profnet, Inc to find out more about what Nancy does.

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