Top 10 Misconceptions About Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is on the rise, especially this year. It is predicted that there will be a spending of 2.16 billion dollars invested in mobile campaigns.


Mobile Marketing is on the rise, especially this year. It is predicted that there will be a spending of 2.16 billion dollars invested in mobile campaigns. But, there are a few things you should know before you go all-in with your own mobile campaign.


We at Nine Multimedia want to help you understand the Mobile Marketing World so that you can take advantage of practicing in this new marketing channel. To help give you a clear idea of what to expect in the mobile marketing world and to help you lose the fear in creating a mobile campaign, Tom Marchesello and Maleika Edwards from Nine Multimedia have provided a list of the most common misconceptions in mobile marketing 



1. Mobile Marketing is not the same as mobile advertising

It is a common mistake for people to confuse the two. The difference is really simple. Mobile advertising is like buying an ad in a magazine. Put into a more related context, it is similar to buying an add banner for a mobile website. On the other hand, mobile marketing is an interactive channel designed to reach out to your clients and create communication with them. This will establish a new unconventional way to communicate with clients, since they usually reach out and start a relationship with you.



2. Mobile Marketing is not E-Mail Marketing

Most people think of SPAM when they hear the word: mobile marketing. Let’s clear that up! Mobile marketing has NOTHING to do with spam. The first difference lies in the fact that you have to apply for it in order to receive it: also know as opting-in. Most of the time, you will receive something in exchange, like a coupon or other offers and not junk.


3. Mobile Marketing Strategies aren’t different than any other type of Marketing

When you are using mobile devices as a marketing channel to help your brand, you should  keep in mind that people don’t have a lot of time to see your campaign and that the space to market is limited. The size of your phone’s screen is not comparable to your computer’s screen. With this in mind, the information that you present has to be more precise and direct to captivate your audience.  


4. Databases of Mobile Phone Numbers are not bought but created

Businesses don’t buy phone lists to send messages, coupons, alerts, or any other piece of information. Instead, in order to create the list, customers need to sign up and give their consent to be part of your database. Also, as a user, they should have the ability to decide when they don’t want to receive any information. Customers are engaged with the brand: they like you, and want to know more from you.


5. I don’t need a Mobile Site, I own a Website

If you don’t have a mobile site, you should start thinking about how soon you can get one. This could be detrimental to your brand because users don’t want to waste their time trying to navigate through sites that are not optimized for mobile devices. They do not want to wait all day for your website to load while your competitors have a much faster and efficient mobile site.  Nowadays, everyone is going mobile. Your customers will appreciate it if you do too and you should definitely will take advantage of this. 


6. Mobile Marketing is Expensive

This type of marketing will not break your piggy bank. Compared to all other types of marketing, going mobile is much cheaper and much more effective. The benefit of launching a mobile campaign is that it is always measurable, in terms of ROI, and in the end, it is what all companies want.



7 Mobile Marketing is all SMS

Thanks to all the technological advances in today’s world, mobile campaigns can go beyond text. The possibilities are unlimited, you can send videos, audio, articles, apps, updates, coupons, and even sell items through a commerce platform.


8. It Doesn’t Provide any Value to Your Business

This could not be more wrong. Mobile marketing is one of the few tools that can allow you to track an exact ROI.  A campaign will allow you to know the actual amount of money that enters and leaves your business.  Not to mention it will aid you in gaining loyal customers, since many will select your company or product because of your campaign. The value of a mobile campaign is that you will be there for your customers when they need you. And in return, your customer will establish a relationship with you, which always turn into great business.


9. One Size Fits All

The best part about a mobile campaign is you there is a possibility of getting more than what you put into it. To get the best outcome, the campaign will require you to think about your audience and create the most suitable campaign for them. There is no template or model that will fit all businesses. To obtain the results that you want, you will have to be on top of your customers desires and please them. And since this something relatively new, the sky is the limit.



10. Mobile marketing is just an app

This is a misconception as well. An app is the same as a mobile marketing campaign, but an app could be a part of it.  An app is a product through which you can offer a service to your customers and it is meant to market your brand in some way. A mobile marketing campaign is a complete solution to help you engage your target market and to offer them your product.Mobile campaigns will allow the audience to interact with you.


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