How Social Media Platforms Help in Mobile Marketing

Technology has simply improved the way of living for all of us. It has become so much easier to establish and maintain communication with others around the globe. Social networks have become immensely popular as platforms to share information and ideas. Businesses are increasingly depending on social media to market their products and business has become a lot easier. Social networking sites have become a part of our lives now. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc - all these have tremendous potential when it comes to finding the right customers. If you ask which the best among these social media networks is, the answer would be it depends on the kind of business you have and your target customers. Anyway, to be effective, a social media site has to be one which has many users on an international level, and is user-friendly.

For instance, Pinterest is a platform that comes with only pictures with small notes and it has more female users than male ones. On the other hand, Twitter has got a lot more users both men and women, and with small tweets, they connect with each other and engage in meaningful conversations. You can write less and to the point being a Twitter user while Facebook is all the more diverse and helps you express your thoughts in varied manners.

Mobile marketing via social networking sites offers great opportunities to spread your message and find the right customers for your products/services. You need the right mobile strategy to ensure that your business goals are met. A strategy that works for another business may not work for you. To make sure that your social media marketing efforts are directed at the right networks, you must consider each network individually.

Effective Mobile Marketing via Social Media Networking Sites

- Twitter: This is a micro blogging site which lets the user share his or her thoughts on various issues through small sentences. In Twitter marketing, marketers can read as well as share their product facts in quick messages thereby allowing their readers to have a look at them and follow them. Twitter is equally effective in mobile devices as well. With its simple interface, it can engage a lot of people around the globe.

- Pinterest: It is slowly becoming popular though now it has got fewer users than Facebook and Twitter. However, there is a large group of women worldwide who find Pinterest a great way to connect. Pinterest looks great on a mobile device because of its outstanding visual quality. It attracts a lot of traffic as well, especially for retail.

- Instagram: This is the new social media platform that has touched the hearts of many worldwide. According to Imply Measured's study, almost 71% of the largest brands in the world use Instagram to market their products.

- Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg did the right thing in gifting us with this amazing platform to connect with others. Facebook marketing is equally popular in mobile phones as well. Facebook allows the use of rich content, images and videos, which is a big advantage.

How Mobile Marketing is Important for Your Business

Researchers are of the view that in the coming years, the majority of us will use the internet from our mobile phones. In countries where there is a limitation in landline and broadband access, mobile internet use will increase. For this reason, the need of mobile marketing will increase and it will also play a vital role in making a business or a product visible to people worldwide.

Mobile technology has altered the way of communicating with your customers. Here are a few important factors to consider.

    • Your customers will not sit in front of their computers all the time to search for products similar to yours. Also, they will be in constant touch with their friends through their social media profiles. Their mobile phones will help them to do so. In such cases, it is very important for you to make your product or business available on the social sites as well as on various mobile phone interfaces.

    • The mobile phone accompanies you everywhere. This is something you can utilize in your best interests.

    • E-mails, text messages, social media profile updates, etc are all part of strategic mobile marketing.

A Few Mobile Marketing Tips!

Mobile marketers can build their customer base through popular social media networking platforms.

  • Offering free apps

There are a number of low or zero cost applications available which you can give away for your customers. You can also create your own apps for your customers and give them away on the mobile devices through the internet. You can customize your app to suit the needs of your customers and this way you will be able to gain a lot of clients as well.

  • SEO

Search engine optimization is very important for your business website. Efficient SEO practices will help to keep your company website above your competitors on the search engines. With more people using smartphones, you must ensure that you have a website that is optimized for use on mobile devices as well.

  • Understand who your competitors are

You must know who your competitors are and ensure that the strategies they are applying do not overwhelm yours. This way, you will be able to improve your mobile marketing strategies and keep your business in the forefront.

  • Do not turn off your customers

You should also know that there are certain turn-offs for your marketing strategies. Make sure that you do not send out any kind of promotional messages during holidays, vacations and off-hours. If you do so, your customers may get irritated and develop a negative impression regarding your business. However, you can send reminders and promotional statements for your clients and they will definitely appreciate such approaches from your side. Think about some unique content for these mobile promotions and it will surely catch the eye of your clientele.

Consider the above aspects when thinking of a successful mobile marketing strategy and you will get to enjoy excellent results.