6 Mobile App Development Trends to Dominate 2021

Smartphones and tablets are slowly replacing desktops and laptops. We all live in a generation where almost everyone has used a smartphone, and hence the usage of Mobile Apps is growing in a significant amount. Android and iOS, these two Operating Systems are the leaders of the smartphone market and more than 98% of the smartphones have either of the OS. So, Mobile App Development is trending these days and most businesses develop a mobile app for their business to beat the competition.

The 20th century has seen the power of mobile and mobile apps, and mobile apps will dominate the market and more sales will happen from mobile apps rather than websites. So, we cannot deny the fact that Mobile App Development is trending these days, and one needs a mobile app for their business to keep up the competition because a lot of businesses are doing great after developing a mobile app. Businesses hire mobile app development company to build such apps for their business. We will talk about some technologies and trends that will dominate in the upcoming year 2021.

If you are a business owner and want to boost your business and create a huge revenue, then you should go for Android App Development or iOS App Development and get your business rolling. Mobile App Development companies in the USA are seeing a significant demand for app development. You can boost your business by availing any of the services mentioned in this blog, and with the latest technology, your business will soon reach the sky heights.

Mobile App Development Trends to Dominate 2021

Here are the top mobile app development trends that will dominate the upcoming year 2021. Have a look at all these trends which will lead the market.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

A lot of things are made possible with Machine Learning, such as auto-driving cars, instant chatbots, neural networking, and a lot more. Python has made Machine Learning easier for all of us, and a lot of monotonous tasks are replaced by machine learning algorithms, and it is done smartly by software made with AI and ML. That’s why it is said that “Machine Learning is the future”. Tesla has launched auto-driving cars with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We have to see more things that are based on AI and ML in the upcoming year 2021, and Machine Learning Development companies are developing more prototypes that can make our lives easier by smart software.

These AI-enabled chatbots are quite famous: 

  • Google Assistant

  • Alexa

  • Siri

  • Bixby


Wearable Devices

Wearable Devices such as smartwatches and activity trackers are famous because they help us in managing our diet and exercises. They keep track of what you eat, how much calories you consume, how much you workout, how much calories you burn, and everything related to your health. It will notify you even when you aren’t taking enough sleep. So, Wearable devices are going to be a thing in the upcoming year 2021, and there will be more wearable apps in the market that will help you maintain your diet plan and keep you healthy. 

In some cases, a wearable device has also called the emergency number when a person fell off a cliff. So, these smart wearable devices are also becoming a life savior. 

Internet of Things

Internet of Things has been a trending topic for the last few years. We have seen a lot of IoT-enabled gadgets that take care of electronic devices and appliances. It turns on and off from our smartphone apps, and even when you set some rules with IFTTT. It can turn on your AC when the temperature gets higher than the set figure, it can turn off your fan when the temperature gets low. Another IoT example is Google Home and Echo devices. They also run on IoT Technology and can manage your devices and appliances. 

So, these IoT Apps and Devices will rule the electronic market, and you must avail IoT development services to keep up with the cut-throat competition going on in the market.

Cloud-based Mobile Applications

This is the era where almost everything is possible from your smartphone, like scheduling an appointment with a doctor, consulting a doctor, ordering your meal, or even managing your warehouse. The pandemic has taught us all to work from home and to work from home, Cloud-based applications are a must. So, there will be more demand for cloud-based mobile app development. 

A cloud-based mobile app stores every data centrally at the data center, and everyone who has access can use that data or application. So, a cloud-based app will provide you with mobility which is much needed when going out is too risky. So, with a cloud-based app, a team can share data, work on the shared data, and work on their project even being miles apart from their peers.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

You won’t believe this, but yes, Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages project is being quite popular and AMP websites are really helping both the businesses and the visitors. An AMP website can load even with the 2G network, and it is best when you want to read any article. Interaction with an AMP website is not possible, and hence you have to load the whole website if you want to interact with the website, but if your purpose is just to read the article, then it can get loaded in microseconds even when you are running on 2G or 3G.

An AMP website is a lower version of an HTML page, and hence it can load quickly. An AMP website is light in design, it loads only the basic elements, that’s why it manages to load quickly even in a weak network. This technology is surely going to be a hit in the upcoming future.

5G Technology

Major Tech companies are being ready for the 5G network. Processor chip manufacturing companies, service provider companies are all set to welcome the 5G network. So, the most trending thing in 2021 will be the 5G network. There will be more mobile apps that increase the functionalities of a smartphone, all thanks to the 5G network.

So, you can expect more functional apps due to the 5G network, and we have to get ready for the future and welcome the 5G network.


These mobile app trends will dominate the upcoming 2021 year and we can expect more and more such technologies in the future that make our life simple and easier. Companies work hard to develop such technologies and with those technologies, our lives get much easier. For example, you just ask your personal virtual assistant to remind you to take medicines everyday, and it will.