Linking Strategy – The Best Links to Publish on a Website

Is a linking strategy an SEO myth? Is it a real and efficient method to increase the web site ranking? Undoubtedly, the return of investment has the result in the website quality and ranking. Is the top web site ranking pure vanity?

For a commercial site, the top ranking is vital. If the surfers are searching for products or services on the Internet, commercial websites must have high quality in style, imaging, and content, but they must also be on the top ten list.

Many visitors are trying to get the search results as soon as possible, so the page rank becomes very important. Search engine optimizers must now play their role; find the best honest way to rank the site as high as possible.

It is also important to optimize the site for specific keywords if they are vital for the business, but all those efforts must not be to the detriment of ranking for lesser topics that will drive less traffic. Hidden links or text can also increase the page rank, but search engines are wiser and this technique isn’t very useful anymore.

Reciprocal link campaigns seems to be less difficult than the inbound link strategy, but less efficient. Like with any worthwhile endeavor, greater effort can bring greater rewards.

Almost every inbound link campaign can be correct now. Popular search engines like Google plug the inbound links into a very complicated algorithm to rank the site’s importance to a keyword or phrase.

The complicated algorithms are allowing values (coming from sophisticated combinations of many factors) to the site’s inbound links and the site’s relevance in relation to the web pages that links to the referred site.

There are a few efficient methods to build a successful link campaign: the good links selection, the appropriate content, the correct site to be related to.

Link building outsourcing has become an attractive and cost effective option. Qualified companies are ready to increase the number of correct inbound links and improve the sites ranking using the right methods. It is possible to avoid the potential risk created by search engine spammers.

Your site reputation must remain intact and its rank increased using only the correct methods. You can start getting a higher page rank by joining a link directory. You can exchange links with whoever you want, but rather with those with website content relevant to yours. You also have the opportunity to check your backlinks to see if the other site is linking back to you. A phenomenal resource for linking your websites is Lazy Linking.

A more subtle way of getting your site noticed is submitting articles to directories. By doing this you can include your link to your website. If your article contains rich content that a reader is looking for, chances are, they are going to visit your site afterwards. A great resource for submitting your articles is MyContentBuilder.

Article submission can be tedious, especially if you don't have a lot of time to do it. A suggestion would be to use an article submitter. This will submit your article in a half an hour. To watch a video on how you can do this, go to Article_Submitter_Video.

The only way to keep the reputable name for a website is to use only ethical SEO marketing strategies. The reputation is the most important quality for a website, reflecting its owner's reputation as well.