How To Optimize Your Website For Microsoft Bing?

Think Search Engine Optimization and the only name that runs through your mind is Google. Because of the unsurpassed position that Google holds in the search market, search engine optimization has become synonymous with its own name with people making all possible efforts to push their websites up the charts of Google results.

However, it is important to understand that even though Google dominates the search market by a huge margin, web users use other search engines like Yahoo and Bing as well. And therefore, leaving out optimization for other search engines might lead to the loss of a considerable amount of traffic.

Microsoft Bing is an increasingly gaining popularity in the recent times. In fact, it has been the only search engine that has succeeded in at least making a dent on Google's market share. And as the proposed Microsoft-Yahoo deal goes through, Bing will anyways take over Yahoo.

Search Engine Optimization for Bing

Just like Google, Bing also places increased importance on the quality of links coming to a website to determine its position in its search results. As Rick DeJarnette of Bing Webmaster Cente puts it, “Successful link building efforts require a long-term commitment, not an overnight or turnkey solution." Therefore, webmasters need to make diligent efforts and invest a lot of quality time in their link building activities.

Here are some tips to help you with your link building activities:

Build your Business Brand

Brand building is one of the most important, but oft forgotten consideration in link building strategies. Remember that people like to link to credible brands and if your business has a strong online reputation, it will be a great deal easier to invite links from relevant websites. Make diligent efforts to build your brand on the internet through various activities that showcase your expertise and knowledge of your industry.

Connect with Relevant People

Don't restrict your social media activities to simply creating a company profile and letting it be. Instead, be active in your network and outside as well and find relevant industry people. They may be product reviewers, bloggers, media people or anyone who matters in your industry. Stay in touch with such people and make sure they are aware of your website and the content that you post online. If they like what you post, then you can highly profit from their credibility in the market.

Disperse Valuable Content

Be it press releases, blog posts, forum posts or articles, make sure your content is original and offers value addition to the readers. Its no use publishing something that has been said ten times no matter how stylish you make it. Rather, try to write something new and original that will provoke users to take notice and discuss. This is the type of content that gets plagiarized across networks and becomes popular.

Avoid Sudden Increase of Link Magnitude

Link building should be a natural process and not a one-shot formula. Therefore, never even attempt to grow your links at one go. A sudden increase in the number of inbound links to your website in a short span of time will be considered as spamming by Bing and will result in penalty. Therefore, create a natural link building strategy where you place equal importance on content contribution and link building.

Link to Relevant Websites only

Link building is not about increasing the quantity of links from anywhere and everywhere on the web. Rather, what counts is the quality of your links and your website will only be popular if relevant websites belonging to your industry link to you.