Sending Your E-Commerce SEO to Holiday Overdrive

The Holiday Season is not only the season to be jolly; it’s also an unstoppable retail avalanche. So, while everybody is busy making their shopping list, SEO companies are preoccupied strategizing e-commerce optimization.

Why not? With billions of dollars being spent online, the Internet is fast becoming the largest shopping mecca on earth. An SEO agency would be damned if it will let the Christmas shopping season just fly by without doing anything to leverage on this retail surge.

There are three basic things that SEO companies and online businesses can do to maximize their e-commerce presence during the Holiday rush.

Get Your Product Description Rewritten

Actually, this is a general e-commerce search engine optimization tip which should be applied always. Not to be accusatory and call e-commerce sites lazy, but many of them are guilty of just lifting content straight out of the manufacturer’s manual or website. Don’t act surprised if you find 10 or more sites using the same content that you have. And when it comes to rankings, every Internet marketing agency knows that duplicate content won’t cut it.

Don’t just copy-paste what is given to you by the manufacturers. Look at the products’ key benefits and write unique, compelling and interesting product descriptions. Better yet, you can have varying copy during high shopping seasons. For the upcoming Holiday, SEO companies can angle these product narratives on how they make for the perfect presents.

Hoard on the Product Reviews

One of the main differences between “physical shopping” versus “online shopping” is that on the internet, the shoppers can’t see the product itself. However, businesses should understand that purchasing a product is a social experience, especially when it comes to buying presents or products that are not necessities. So, how do you fill the gap of customers not being able to interact with your products face-to-face?

The answer is simple: get reviews. Product reviews are quintessential both in traditional and online marketing. For the upcoming Holiday shopping rush, you have to double time your efforts get backlinks via product reviews. One tried-and-tested way to do this is by reaching out to influential bloggers or other credible individuals who are active online. SEO companies and online businesses can incentivize these “brand ambassadors” by giving them free products which in turn, they will review. This way, your prospective customers are indirectly experiencing the products themselves through the third-party accounts or testimonials of people who are considered experts in that particular product category.

Turn on the Turbo on Your Content Marketing

Time and again, we are reminded that content is king in SEO and it’s the same with e-commerce. Step on the gas of your content generation and double your output, at least until the Holiday madness is over.

The Holiday rush is here. SEO companies are just as busy as Santa and his elves, preparing to take advantage of the significant imminent increase in online shopping. Don’t get left behind.