Is Your Business Hip to Podcasting?

If you want a quick history lesson, podcasts began as a combination of the words iPod and broadcast.

Original podcasts were scripted for iPod users. As the popularity grew, more podcasting platforms opened. People and businesses began to use podcasting as a way to talk with potential customers or just get the word out about a business. Podcasting has been used by just about anyone with access to a computer and a microphone.

Are you using podcasts for your business?

Low Overhead Marketing

Podcasting can be a very cost effective way to get your brand noticed.

If you have a great product or service, a podcast can bring in the customers. By giving customers and potential customers a place to interact with you by voice, you're opening up lines of communication. This marketing aspect is virtually free, so why not take advantage of it?

You can do the podcasts yourself or hire someone to handle the cast. Podcasts are archived on many sites that are used to create them which means customers can come back to listen if they missed one of your airings.

You can pay for extra bells and whistles, but there's really no reason to do so for a small business or start up. Paying extra doesn't guarantee better service when it comes to podcasts. Start off with a free option and if you notice you're outgrowing a free service, check into pricing plans.

Voice Fueled Social Networking

Social networking is important for many businesses. No matter what you're selling, people want to interact with the businesses they use.

Adding a podcast to your social networking marketing plan is just good business. People will be able to know exactly when they can have questions answered by voice, they can listen to advice you offer concerning your service, or win prizes. Everyone loves winning prizes, being able to participate in a group podcast during a contest can bring in people who had never heard of your business.

Education Opportunity

When you create a podcast you are offering a way for consumers to become educated about your business.

If your business has a new product or service you can take a podcast and turn it into an educational outlet for consumers.

For instance an herbal company could create a podcast about the ways herbs can help the body. Auto parts businesses can podcast about car repair and maintenance. The creative outlets are endless. When consumers can learn something from your podcasts they are more likely to keep coming back for more and utilize your business. 

Podcasts have become almost like free speech internet radio. People have a platform to discuss anything they'd like and to meet with people that think the same.

Businesses that utilize podcasting are more likely to come across as hip or trendy to customers. This is perfect in a world where technology is at the cutting edge. People are connected in a way like never before.

 Reach into the pool of podcasting marketing and catch your customers!