Marketing Las Vegas in a Challenging Economy

Hotels, clubs, and casinos in Sin City are doing all they can to stand out in a tough market. 

While some travelers may be hesitant to visit all the nightlife Las Vegas has to offer due to financial concerns, these places are taking things up a notch to keep millions of people coming through the doors.

According to a report from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, more than 39.7 million visitors descended on Las Vegas in 2012, with the average visitor spending just over $1,000 per trip.

With those figures in mind, how are Sin City hotspots keeping people buzzing despite an economy where many people remain out of work or just making enough to survive? 

We take a further look at how these Vegas locations are bringing marketing to the next level.


Noteworthy Examples in Sin City Marketing

In order to live up to its name, Las Vegas leaders in entertainment need to keep things rolling - even if it means that the economy isn't doing it any favors. 

The following examples demonstrate how some of these businesses are marketing their appeal to travelers:

• The Value Proposition: In other times, the Fountains of Bellagio were more than enough to attract many to the well-known hotel.  The Bellagio is staying ahead of the game by offering excellent value, such as a current $75 dining credit for food and drinks with a two-night stay.  This type of promotion is a great example of offering great value - which may in turn more than make up for the small cost of the business ($75 in this case).

• Power of Social Media: The Haze nightclub, which was founded by Andrew Sasson, is utilizing social media for cost-effective marketing value.  Thanks to plenty of eye-catching photos and promotional announcements, it is using a Facebook page packed with over 108,000 likes quite well.

• Giveaways: Everyone loves a giveaway, right?  At Silverton, a casino and hotel in Las Vegas, giveaways help encourage travelers to play more to become eligible for some amazing prizes.  Such incentives can help spark people to enjoy games and spend more money - which is good for everyone (the casinos and those who win, at least).


Making the Most of Tough Times

Your average business likely won't have the advertising budget of the Bellagio, Haze nightclub, and Silverton.  Yet, some of the best ways to market a business don't have to cost an inordinate amount of money.

From scaling down a giveaway to the business to offering great deals on social media, businesses of all shapes and sizes can do what it takes to reach people in a tough economy.  Powerful resources like social media can flourish without a great budget - but with a bit of hard work and a good strategy.


Take notes from some of the brightest businesses in Vegas to make a mark in your industry. 

Perhaps some of the above examples can translate.

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