The New Social Networking Way - Harnessing The Power of Snippets

Harnessing the power of snippets is the new mantra in online marketing. Be it event marketing or product launches, businesses now make maximum use of their Facebook pages to carry out technical support, real time forums and use of the “LIKE” button for connecting with their customers and promoting their or their clients' product launches, latest news, exclusive offers and discounts. This, in return, helps promote the company's profile with knowledge of products spreading fast through the social networks leading to viral effects, all for free. But hang on, that is just the beginning.

Understanding soft inputs is crucial to the game and Facebook users have been unconsciously relying on this. Viral promoting impacts from Facebook come by way of games, YouTube videos all freely offered by both individuals and businesses. In fact, they are one of the best alternatives to spending lumpsum amounts of money on adverts that end up back firing with no leads and Return On Investment (ROI) at all.

The best part of promoting a company’s services on major social networks is that page authorities are alive all through the day and have a very quick reaction to any bad news or criticisms as compared to the traditional models of internet storefronts. In this regard, users often feel a higher degree of familiarity with the company, as its status appears in a news feed alongside their social networking friends and tend to foster a more positive opinion of the company and its products. Even call centers which are not as well established as a handful like Continental Message Solutions, cannot boast of such damage control as social network interactions can.

Harnessing The Power of Social Media: Ten Ways That Can Give You A Better Social Response And Understand Snippets

Companies can develop better fostered relationships with their clients and consumers through the social network. Updates on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, do not need to be something too big. Snippets work wonders in triggering a response when you time them to meet news and customer thoughts and preferences.

Short updates that do not take too much reading time of the audience, and still trigger off a reaction are those which are highly powerful and creative. We discuss ten different ways to make sure that your online marketing strategy is crisp and powerful and gives you an upper hand in the race.

  1. News Related Updates: A well to do technology company needs only to post services and product related updates on its page. Whether in a B2B or a B2C scenario, however, any update that talks of recent news strikes a common chord with the reader.

  2. Product Launches through Videos: Whenever you talk of a new product, go visual. Videos circulated on YouTube and shared across the social platform redefine brand awareness to a great deal. Spontaneous reaction from customers help you know them better.

  3. Customer Feedback Features: Have you heard of a brand that highlights the positive or negative comment of a customer on its social profile? Not yet. Then be the first one. We say this because, announcing contest and gift winners can be a difficult proposition when the gifts you promise fail to reach the winners. Instead, take the intellectual ones out of the crowd and share their profiles on your page. Watch as the likes grow!

  4. Creative Headlines with suitable Links: Nothing beats creativity on social space. The need to keep the eyes riveted on your screen calls for creative headlines and pinned posts. And don’t forget that link back to either your site or to another website. They can work wonders in getting you affiliates and hence, more page likes. One of the websites you share could be that of a regular buyer.

  5. Event Summaries and Reports: Events are a great way to attract attention of your folks. So when you find a certain section of the social network crowd belonging to a certain geographical location, go visit them. And make sure your social media pages and event websites are greatly developed.

  6. Image Collages and Movies: A brand always has epic moments in its social, business and workplace timelines. Sharing them over Facebook and Twitter on a real time basis is one thing. But creating interesting collages and self-made timeline movies that include the comments of users is another. Visitors to your page always like to be a part of such timeline movies since their comments are featured.

  7. Revisiting the Page: Get back some of the golden updates that were highly popular on your page. Repost then or share them and watch your following revived through a bright memory. This works greatly in bringing back the lost communication with some of your following.

  8. Employee and Workplace Updates: Giving out rare glimpses of how people work in your offices and sharing work culture previews works very well in the direction of getting your brand a familiar audience.

  9. Hashtag Power: Never forget to use the appropriate hashtags in your updates. They are important for you to arrive on searches made on these platforms and make you look more hip.

  10. Client and Sponsor Updates: Be kind on your clients and sponsors. Feature them on your walls, and soon you will have their followers following you for updates regarding them.

The Ultimate Snippet Mantra: Listen Intently

You had them like your posts, you had them featured as winners, yet, you do not know where they love to hang out. A brand best builds itself around the preferences of its customer base. So, yes, look out for soft inputs which are best found on social media. Find out what they like and give them that. And when launching a product, what better way there is than to rely on the social media updates that they share. Every brand must be listening to its target audience even before it decides the name of its latest products. A perfect example of this is the askance that a film director can post on his Twitter or Facebook profile, asking about name ideas for his upcoming movie.  Audiences are won over right at the start. Snippets help you decide, they help you mastermind, and they help you flourish. Thus, harnessing the power of snippets is easy and you have a wonderful chance to strike gold with your product launches and press releases, every time you use any one of the tips above.

Rock on!