Putting a Secure Effort on Marketing

Whether your brand is real estate, furniture, mobile apps or any number of hundreds of other products and services, it oftentimes all comes down to marketing as to how well you and your business do.

For some companies, marketing is a huge component of their efforts to make large revenue streams and stay ahead of the competition.

Others, meantime, find that marketing is simply a necessity, one that they will do only because it is required and with limited funds and efforts.

So, where does your company fall when it comes to marketing and promoting your brand?


What’s the Plan?

First and foremost, your marketing efforts need a plan.

Let’s say you are a security provider nationwide like ADT Security or one of the many others out there.

Some of the ways you can reach out to consumers include:

  • Just the facts – Providing consumers with factual information regarding home break-ins nationwide is good for starters. While some companies may try and scare consumers into getting a security system for their home or office, just present validated reports on crime in their neighborhoods without sensationalizing.

  • Testimonials – One of the best ways to get a consumer’s attention and potentially make a sale is by providing testimonials from satisfied customers. Instead of hearing it from the company themselves, the consumer can hear it from others just like them.

  • Social media – More and more businesses are discovering that social media is a great means by which to reach the public. If you haven’t already, set 2015 as the year you dominate social media over your competition. Make sure you have updated and relevant Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social pages. You should provide links to information relevant to your field of expertise. Another key is making sure you respond to consumer inquiries on an expedient and regular basis.

  • Mobile marketing – With the advent of technology over the years, mobile marketing has become a popular option for many business owners and dealing directly with consumers. According to a report from Forbes, mobile marketing is not only the closest way to get to the consumer, but it also is meeting one of the major demands that many consumers have, allowing them to shop on the go.

  • Proven customer service record – Finally, having a strong record of quality customer service will do nothing but help your marketing efforts. One of if not the biggest complaints you hear from consumers is they were not happy with a company’s customer service. Spread the word through various marketing tools (referrals, social media, advertisements etc.) that your customer service is second to none.


In a day and age when many companies are competing for limited amounts of revenue, having a winning marketing plan can ultimately push you over the hump.