Is Your Blog Truly Relevant?

When running a small business, there are many facets which must be tended to.

Sure, your customers are ultimately your first and foremost priority, but there are myriad of other responsibilities that you will find are also pressing.

One of the areas that certainly can’t be overlooked is marketing your brand. Without attention to detail, your small business brand can get lost in the shuffle of the thousands and thousands of other similarly sized companies competing for customers.

So, how do you go about making sure your brand gets noticed?

Market Your Brand

There are myriad of means by which you can and need to market your company’s brand, many of which do not cost you an arm and a leg.

One of the easiest ones to do is your company’s blog. Wait, you don’t have a company blog? In those cases, get one started now.

Among the ways your blog can push your brand:

  1. Attention – For starters, your blog is a great attention-getter. While you can and likely should do traditional advertising such as email marketing, flyers, digital marketing, just one blog post can bring you a new customer or two. If the post is relevant and grabs the attention of the consumer, he or she is much more likely to become a current customer than a potential one. Look to use search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure consumers can find you via prominent keywords and targeted searches;

  2. Communication – If you have a business blog that gets much attention, you have a golden opportunity to reel-in more customers. With that said, it is important that you respond to reader feedback, something too many blog owners unfortunately fail to do. Responding to readers not only shows your interest in their questions and comments, but is also a pre-cursor to showing them how you would assist them if they became an actual customer. Make sure you respond in a timely manner, giving them the feedback they desire;

  3. Networking – When you have a business blog that has purpose, it is much more likely to be shared by others. Just one winning post can be circulated countless times among the public, giving you in essence free advertising. You should also be sure to promote your posting on social media sites, with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and even LinkedIn among the top choices. When it comes to imagery, Instagram and Pinterest are two solid sites to promote your products and services;

  4. Relevancy – No matter what line of products and/or services your small business offers, being relevant in your niche is critical. Relevancy lends credibility to what you have to offer, making you stand out from the crowd. While many consumers look for the cheapest option in today’s challenging economy, the quality and background behind a product or service matters too. If consumers see your brand as having a relevant place in their needs; all the better for you. Make sure your blog posts are relevant and authoritative, two items that should never be taken for granted.

When it comes right down to it, your business blog can and should be a great marketing tool for your company.

So that begs the question…. Is your blog truly relevant?