Improve Your Website With These 4 Basic WordPress Design Tips

WordPress is the world's most popular content management system, used on over 74 million websites globally; from basic blogs to large corporate sites or online shops, WordPress is the software of choice.

Because WordPress is so popular, many individuals, organizations, or businesses looking to develop a new website may fear blending in with the crowd. There are many practical technology solutions that people building their WordPress site can use to highlight their content. 

1. Choose a theme that fits your site

WordPress has dozens of free "themes" that a site owner can download and apply. These themes are a practical technology solution for a new site owner. Independent developers, web design companies, and theme design firms also produce and sell a wide variety of themes. You can find a WordPress theme that is ideal for restaurants, or a theme that is best-suited for a newspaper, or that works best for a blogger. With WordPress, you can choose how your content is displayed and reformat it instantly by applying a new theme.

2. Select your site colors wisely

Many WordPress themes come with a built-in selection of color choices. The content management system itself has a "Customizer" that the site owner can access from the front page to make changes to color and layout that are instantly applied. 

A standard, reliable color palette looks professional and reliable. Don't let your colors clash with your content! You can use tools like the color wheel to select colors for your site that go together well.

3. Choose striking images and photos

The images you use on your WordPress website are critical to attracting and keeping visitors' attention. It's also important that you use images that are legal; make sure you have the right to use the photos on your website. Stock photo sites like iStockPhoto or GettyImages sell photos that you can download, while sites like Flickr archive Creative Commons photos that can often be freely used with attribution.

4. Bring on a professional

If you're struggling to create the appearance you want for your WordPress site, there is a solution: bringing on a professional. Practical Technology Solutions is one example of an IT consulting firm that can help with web design, in addition to other business technology needs. WordPress professionals can start you off with a beautifully designed and visually stunning website that is easy to use and maintain moving forward.

Such popular software has a strong community of experts and users that can help you to find practical technology solutions to make your content shine. With professional involvement and your own good judgment, you can have a beautiful, well-designed WordPress site that stands out among the tens of millions online today.