4 Fundamental Elements of Marketing Explained

Search engines are meant to connect people with the best search results. SEO is the driving factor behind the ranking of websites. Good marketing that involves properly planned SEO strategies will drive more traffic for any business. If you want to excel in SEO, you need to be a good marketer. Here are the 4 P’s of marketing and SEO, as highlighted by SEO professionals in Albuquerque:

The 4P’s are:

1. Product
2. Price
3. Place
4. Promotion


Identify who your customers are and what their goals are. What are their requirements and how does your product fulfill their needs? The first and foremost thing you should know is to understand your customer and see if your product will help them in any way. SEO companies do the marketing for your business, so you can focus on producing the best product and service to satisfy your customers.


Price is connected to value. When your product is too expensive, the chances for it generate sales are less. This is why marketers have to create a perfect balance between product and price. SEO service is a great example of this concept. SEO companies offer various SEO packages that cater to the budget and requirements of different customers. SEO services will have plans at different price points for small & large businesses.


Where will your customer search for your product or service? Are you willing to generate revenue for your business via online or offline channels? It all depends on your marketing plan. If you want more customers to identify your business online, SEO is the way to go. People buy products through various ways including referrals, networking, search engines and more. Discover your target audience who are in need of your product or service.


Where are you willing to convey your marketing campaigns and messages to your prospective customers? Is it through social media, search engines, search ads or billboards? You will also have to analyze your competitors and approach by providing a service that is comparatively good in quality and price. Another useful marketing tool called SWOT (Strength, weakness, opportunities, threats) analysis is very useful in framing a marketing plan, which will help achieve maximum results relative to competition. Content marketing is a good way to generate good exposure and leads for businesses.

Once you figure out your marketplace where you want your business to operate and align these 4 elements in the right way, you can be sure of achieving significant marketing success. SEO companies in Albuquerque will frame the relevant online marketing strategies that will amplify the popularity of your business online. You can also improve your SEO by modifying your product pricing and measure the success by the number of conversions generated by organic traffic.