Tips On Effectively Utilizing Facebook For Marketing

Facebook was not the first social network, but it has been around for long and has diversified in several ways, it is certainly one of the hardest to deal with. Facebook is not a social network, where you can take advantage of much automation. Success in social media marketing requires the right tactics. In this article we will look at some of the important tactics that when rightly implemented, will lead to a higher level in marketing in social networks.



Facebook does not show its news to users in chronological order since around 2011. Since then, the update selection algorithm that appears in the news feed has been refined.


This is important, since every time the user logs on, their friends, and subsequent pages creates from 1500 to 15000 new updates.


They cannot scroll all updates every time they connect, so Facebook uses key factors such as interaction to determine what is displayed to each user.



After posting the update on your page, you have the option to increase it. If used correctly, the increase can be a very effective tool for growth and reach your audience. Sometimes, if the update is particularly successful, Facebook will ask you to increase the amount until you reach a wider audience. These popular update is a great way to advance your page.



Your "call to action" button in the bottom right row of the buttons above the photo on your page covers to the left of the "Favorites" button. It will not be installed by default, so be sure to install it when configuring the page. You can attract visitors to your page for a specific page of your site, for example, the sales page, download page, or newsletter registration form.



Comments are one of the most fascinating parts of Facebook updates. It is important to encourage in your community by asking questions or making statements that encourage comments. It can even create some healthy controversy, just for people to talk about.



Participation is the king on Facebook. By default, the algorithm will update only a small portion of its followers. It should gain more organic outreach, which shows that updates are attractive to incite sympathy and reactions from others, comments, actions and clicks. In short, the more fans will be involved in their updates, the more people will see them.



Frequency is an important element, but largely underestimated by the statistics, which can be found in the Ad Manager. It tells you how many times, on average, the users you are targeting have viewed your ads.


You do not want it to be too low, since people can skip the ad in the first or second time, when you have the impression of advertising. On the other hand, you do not want your frequency to be too high as it means that the same people see your ads repeatedly. AdEspresso advices on making changes to your campaign when the speed reaches 5, and never let it rise above 10.



If your followers take the time to chat with you; maybe comment on your posts, write on your page, or even send a message - you have to estimate the time it took to write to you and respond in some way. Even with a thumbs up.


Facebook actually shows a visible indicator of its frequency response. If you have a response rate of more than 90% and the average response time of 15 minutes, you get the coveted green icon which means "very sensitive".



Humor - a great unifier. Do not you want to be a brand that will lighten up someone’s face today? Do not joke every time, but memes, funny sayings and funny videos is something you can appreciate from time to time.


These types of updating used are sparingly and focuses on the type of mood, which can evaluate your specific audience, perfect to attract participation and actions.



An insight is an analytical version of Facebook. Learn about their successes and failures, analyzing how updates are made after the fact. You can access the statistics by clicking the tab for them at the top of the page.


Pay particular attention to recent changes that have been received particularly high coverage and participation.



Use your best judgment to determine what is and is not appropriated by your audience. Many people make fun marks for excessive celebrations, current events and trends in their marketing campaigns. Be choosy about how much bandwidth you skip, and be prepared to record your tracks from time to time.



KPI means key performance indicators, and indicators that indicate how you work on Facebook.


And make no mistake because it goes beyond the amount of your prize. How likely is it that you drive on the stocking post? How much can be obtained? How many are sending traffic to your Facebook site?



This is perhaps the most predictable option in this post: likes are indispensable.


Facebook like is a social currency. Respect your followers and not dilute them with false followers. It will be counterproductive to fill the list of fake followers, the scope and interaction will fall, because the number of people who will see and interact with your updates will not be less; you will deal with only real and genuine followers.



At least half of Facebook uses use Facebook on their tablet or phone. That is why it is so important to have a mobile website easy to update your phone and cover the news advertisements which can really reach these users.



News Feed is the main place from which most of your fans interact with your messages. Facebook users will easily find themselves simply meaningless scrolling news.


Facebook algorithm determines what is displayed on it, balancing the many friends messages with random links from the page or advertisement. If you are more interested in your updates, it is likely to appear here.



Open Graph meta tags help you control how the content of your website is displayed when used on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can get the same detail as the default images to upload when someone shares your URL-address, as well as the title and description of Facebook-related articles.



Share the most attractive, unique and relevant images you can. The original images are able to attract the attention more than same photos that everyone else is using, always use those photos with of high quality.


If possible, always send an image with updateable changes as you increase screen space, which takes up your update on the news feeds, which makes it more likely to be viewed.


If you do not like the default image that deletes the URLs from the general addresses, it can be replaced by clicking on the "plus" and the new image.



Publication on Facebook - is a great battle for quality and quantity. On the one hand, the changes do not reach a large subset of your subscribers, so publishing them more often, perhaps more frequently will help you communicate with your followers.


However, when you need to continually post new content, it can be difficult to maintain quality as high as it would be if you just sent a message once or twice a day. Quality is more effective than quantity.


Close to half of Facebook's users are mobile exclusive and they only ever use Facebook from their phone or tablet.