Startup’s Guide: Everything you need to know about SEO and Domain Names

Startups are more prone to failure than anyone out there. They work towards novel ideas and try to make them successful with continuous experimentation. If you are starting your new business, you need to work on multiple things at the same time. However, there are two things that they should always focus on, i.e., SEO and domain name.


In this article, we will share must-know things about SEO and domain name. For starters, it is important to choose a blogging platform that fits your requirement. WordPress is a good choice. However, you can choose any CMS that lets you select website builders and build your website according to your requirement. It doesn’t matter what type of startup you are; you just cannot ignore these tips and tricks that we are going to share. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

1. SEO: Keywords and Concepts

SEO is primarily used to get traffic from Google search engine. It is a tough task to get ranked, and that’s why you should always thrive to rank for few important keywords, rather than a bunch of them. To make sure that you don’t overdo or underdo the SEO part, always do a research on what people are searching that is indirectly or directly related to your product or service.


There are a lot of keyword tools that you can use. To make effective use of the keyword tool, you first need to pinpoint your audience and understand what they are looking for. Also, you need to understand how SEO work, at least at the basic level.

2. Domain Name: Find the Domain Name Owner And Its Price

Domain names are very important for a business. You will find domain names to be sold by domain name provider services. However, there are also individuals known as “Squatters” that tend to buy a popular domain and then sell them a high price. If you are lucky, you will be able to get your domain name from a domain service provider at a low price, ranging from 1 to 100$. If you are not so lucky, you might have to shell out a huge amount of money which can reach seven figures.

So, the first thing that you have to do is search for your domain name. If you find it already taken, you can then check the marketplace to see if someone else is selling it or not. There are high chances that you will find the domain name in the marketplaces such as, Sedo or You can also check out Whois tools to know more about occupied domain names.

3. SEO: Write Great Content

You know what makes brand connect with their audience and build authority? It is content. Content not only helps you to gain SEO traffic but also enable you to build the authority in your niche. For example, you are an A.I. startup working on a new product related to education. In this case, you need to write content on A.I and education. By doing this, you are ensuring that you get good traffic from search engines and also built authority. You will also invite more similar minded business as they will try to establish business relation with you, benefitting your startup in the long run.

4. Domain Name: Register your trademark registered against your domain

Domain names have a lot of rules associated with it. One such rule is to get your trademark registered for your domain. For example, if you bought a domain name with a “.in,” you need to register your business or startup in India and also mention the purpose for which it is parked. It might look like a small thing, but if you don’t do it, you risk losing your domain name. Not clear? Let’s try to understand it with the simple image below.



If you are curious and want to read more about it, you can check a detailed article about it here.

5. SEO: Build Some Links

Search engine optimization relies on multiple factors including building some links. Link building is an important part of the whole SEO campaign. And, startups should take it more seriously. The more inbound quality links that you will get, the better signals you will give to Google search engine. The search engine will then slowly start ranking up your keywords and making your website visible to millions of users.

6. Domain Name: Always tie your domain name to your brand

It is common sense to buy a domain name that is exactly your brand name. However, you will easily find startups doing it the other way around. It is not a good idea to have a different domain name as it will make it harder for your target audience to remember you and your brand. Connecting these two important things will give you a lot of advantage in the current market as it is over flooded with tons of information.


One such example that we should look at is Dropbox. Their official website link is It is intuitive and straightforward. Searching a brand website with the same domain name is much easier and intuitive. If your exact business name is not available, you can try to add either a prefix or suffix to the domain name to keep it simple, yet memorable.

Final Thoughts

Startups give 100% to their product. This approach is obvious. However, they are losing the importance of good SEO and choosing the right domain name. By doing these two things, they give their idea to reach more people and move it one step towards success. The above tips and tricks will surely help you do wonders for your startup. If you think we missed something, then don’t forget to comment below and let us know. We are listening!