10 Tips For Effective Content Marketing Campaign For Mobile App Development

Content marketing is at the heart of marketing. Content marketing has found relevance in most other forms of online marketing channels, including social media marketing, email marketing, Search engine optimization etc. Marketing has gone beyond direct sale techniques where marketers keep slapping sales ads in audience faces. That age is long gone. Successful businesses are those that can show how much they care for their audience via sharing content that the audience wants and that can add value to their lives. This has become the best way to catch customer attention and to, later on, score a sale.

Content marketing is really not as simple as writing articles and publishing them on your blog or social media platforms, it goes somewhat beyond that. There are rules to ensuring an effective content marketing campaign. Below are 10 tips for effective content marketing campaign for mobile app development;


1. Focus on people first:

This is the number rule of content marketing that must be obeyed by a mobile app development company. Forget about making sales, instead focus on writing content that is relevant to your audience. If your audience loves what you share they will ask for more of it. And as time goes on you will win their trust and you will have a cult-like following. Trust is vital in every business, this is what breeds die-hard fans. Once you have established trust, only then should you start to expect results.


2. Have a content marketing schedule:

Without a plan, it is quite difficult to know exactly where you are headed. Before embarking on your content marketing campaign ensure you have a schedule, this will act as a guide for your mobile app development company. This way you will know when to publish, on what platform to publish and how frequently you are to publish. A schedule helps you in achieving your marketing goal.


Also, during a campaign, there is always the likelihood of distraction or diversion. A schedule helps to prevent this from happening.


3. Have a content marketing goal:

Jilian Michael said, if you have a 'why' to live for, you can always tolerate the how. You didn't just start publishing content because you want to, you must have had a goal in mind. Marketing goals are individualistic, for some, it is about generating more sales, while for others it is about an improved brand awareness. Whatever the case may be, it is important that your mobile app development company have a goal that it must achieve.


Marketing goals also help in the evaluation of your campaign. At the end of a period, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing effort by how closer or further you are to the attainment of your goal.


4. Know your audience:

In order to be able to develop relevant content, you must know your audience sufficiently; you must know their challenges, their interest, their likes, and dislikes. This is important because content marketing is about developing content that will be of benefit to the audience. How would you know if something will be of benefit to a person if you don't know what that person wants or needs?


Therefore, before you begin your campaign you must you must do a proper research on the audience. You have to understand their psychology, what they are looking for and if they can find it with you.


5. Put your best foot forward:

The attention span of online readers has fallen drastically. If in five to seven seconds they can't find something related to what they want on your platform, they move away to find it somewhere else. Therefore, to have an effective content marketing campaign it is important you put your best foot forward. You opening lines and paragraph must reveal unequivocally how your reader can benefit from the content. Do not beat around the bush, if you do you would have lost your audience before you get to the sweet part. The world is very busy, put your most important point first. Your readers must have reasons to read further.


6. Make your content unique, inspiring and appealing:

Each day millions of content are published worldwide. Whatever the niche you are writing on there are dozens of other blogs or channels that are writing something similar. The questions therefore are, how can you stand out from the crowd? How can you make your voice heard in this highly noisy environment? This is simply by making content only you can offer. It is by making unique content. This could take the form of personal stories relating to your mobile app development company, or case studies, or unique success stories or podcast. In order to create unique content, you must be ready to stretch the limit of your imagination to come up with something out of the box.


But ensure that while trying to think out of the box you don't come up with contents that are weird and extremely difficult for your audience to understand.


7. Proper formatting:

Aside from ensuring that your opening lines and paragraph highlight what your content is about, it is also important you employ proper formatting techniques that would encourage readability. This includes using a short block of text, sufficient paragraphing and allowing for plenty of white spaces.


8. Promote your content:

It is not enough to write terrific content with proper formatting and grammatical structure. If you leave the content where they are chances are you won't attract as much attention as you want. Therefore, it is important your mobile app development company puts some effort into promoting your content. One of the best avenues for promoting content is social media platforms, example Facebook and Twitter. Likes, shares, and tweets are some of the cost-effective ways to get your content to your desired audience.


9. Measure and analyze data:

In order to measure the effectiveness of your campaign, you must learn how to use data measuring and analyzing tools such as Google Analytics. This gives you a good idea of how your campaign is performing. These tools also provide your mobile app development company with information on who is engaging with your content, where they came from and what they did while on your site. The result provided by these tools will help you tweak your strategy, preparing you for success.


10. Be ready to learn from others:

No one is an island of knowledge, in order to have an effective content marketing strategy you must be ready to learn from others. If you find a mobile app development company that is doing undeniably well in its content marketing strategy try to find out what the brand is doing that accounts for its success.