Why Email Marketing Is Worth a Chance in Retail

Email marketing is one of the most long-standing and successful digital marketing strategies. There are many new techniques trying to steal its thunder, but results speak for themselves. If your marketing program does not include an email component, you are likely missing out on a great deal of business. Here is why email marketing is worth a chance in retail no matter what other marketing techniques you may be using.

It’s Easy and Measurable

The reason it is easy is that the success of email marketing for your retail business does not necessarily depend on much manpower or tech knowledge and your emails can be based on nothing but text. It is certainly possible to give it some flair with some (audio-)visuals and create stunningly beautiful campaigns.

When it comes to numbers – this is one of the easiest marketing techniques to measure. Metrics that come from this technique are simple and straightforward. By tracking open, click-through and conversion rates, you will easily notice where you are doing well i.e. what areas to improve.

It’s Engaging, Personal and Adds Value

With integrated multimedia, email marketing has no weakness when compared against any other marketing strategy. When you deliver this content into a person's email, the conversation is richer much more personal.


You have the opportunity to deliver a killer combination of a sales pitch and informative, valuable content. Note that your consumers want to be sure that you are listening and making an effort to cultivate your relationship instead of just blindly guessing what they might like based on their location and preferences. With identified actions and responses and by using automatized, personalized email marketing, you can bring customer engagement to a whole new level.

It Drives Conversions

Apart from being the most reliable method of staying in touch with customers, email marketing gets the job done. Of course, keep in mind that not everyone on your email list will be ready to make that last step in the process and actually make a purchase. But, being patient, creative and strategic with your content will eventually pay off. Basically, as long as you can create a good engagement rate within your email marketing campaign, you can drive a high level of conversions.


It Delivers High ROI

Finally, email marketing is affordable. If you are trying to stick to a relatively low profit margin in retail, then email marketing needs to be front and center no matter how diverse your marketing strategy.


Because you have the ability to reach more people with highly-targeted email, you can raise your ROI at scale. This is a very important opportunity that many new marketing formats do not offer. For example, your social media status updates will reach all your followers regardless of where they are, what they are looking for and have purchased in the past. With smart use of technology, however, you can personalize and automate your emails to further increase your ROI.

To help you further, let's take a look at some of the best email marketing programs that you can get on the marketplace, some in conjunction with other services that are vital to your success…

1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the largest web hosting service in the world, and as such, it has a very robust email marketing program. Their plans start at just under $ 3.00 and you always get unmetered bandwith and 100GB of storage. Also, if you have any questions about your account, you can call the award-winning customer support, available 24/7.

2. SendinBlue

This is one of the better email campaigns if you are looking to create an audience without much manpower. The automation tools in this package are second to none, and you can expand your marketing program very quickly if it catches fire.

3. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor has some of the best marketing analysis tools on the market. If you are looking for a marketing program that gives you the ability to monitor data closely, then this is the solution for you. Those who are driven by quantitative measurements will definitely find a home here, as this software package leaves nothing to chance.

4. Benchmark

Benchmark gives you a relatively simple user interface with all of the core properties of every email marketing package in its class. This is further people who do not understand exactly how to conduct an email marketing campaign. This program will help you get the job done without a need for any extra assistance.

5. Zoho Campaigns

The learning curve on Zoho Campaigns is a bit high, but once you get used to the busy user interface, you will be off into the races. This is an email marketing software package that has more features than just about any of its competitors. You can go as deep as you like with this incredible toolset.



Email marketing has been present for a long time, yet it gets overlooked. The data you could get with email makes way for more informed decisions, a larger number targeted more personally and in a timely manner. Now that you have learned or reminded yourself of the main benefits of email marketing, start crafting, targeting and automatizing your email marketing messages for a better tomorrow!