Solid Ways to Improve Your Google Ranking

Improving SEO rankings should be a local businesses top priority because it can deliver over 60% of a website’s traffic.

Below we’ve outlined some helpful ways to improve your small businesses rankings on Google: 

1. Contact the Right SEO Company and Have Them Develop a Plan 

First, start with the help of the right Albuquerque SEO Company. Their professional team will develop a successful campaign by improving your website structure, to be more user friendly and by making sure Google’s algorithms can crawl it effectively so it can be indexed appropriately. 

2. Optimize for Mobile 

Your website needs to pass the Mobile-Friendly Test, in order to avoid a mobile ranking meltdown. 

If your website is not user-friendly or if it’s difficult to navigate and impossible for Google to crawl, your rankings are likely to suffer. To get started on the path to success ensure that your website is responsive and looks great across the variety of mobile devices people use like phones and tablets. 

3. Optimize for Speed 

You should continuously monitor the speed of your website on desktop and mobile and keep improving it. There are several techniques that will immediately improve the speed of your website, they are: 

Minification: Minifying the HTML, CSS and JavaScript on your website will help it load fast. Minification essentially means that all the code is placed on one line. 

Browser Caching: Increase a user's browsing speed by locally downloading web page components in the browser cache. 

Image File Size: Optimize your images by using an image compression and optimizer tool. 

4. Work on the Links and Create Backlinks 

Both the external and internal links have a huge influence on how your website ranks. So to rank your website, polish your links. 

- Turn Your Website Mentions into Links 
- Exact Match Anchor Text 
- Fix Broken Links 

5. On-Page Optimization 

If done correctly it will put you head and shoulders above many of your competitors. Make sure that your website meets all the on-page optimization factors Google recommends. Google wants to help you out here and offers specific instructions on how to optimize your website. If you’re having trouble implementing these requirements contact the right SEO Company who specializes in SEO in Albuquerque

Best Practices: 

- Craft ‘Clickable’ Meta Descriptions 
- Create Unique, Brief & Descriptive Titles 
- Tell Google What Your Pages Are About