Which White Label SEO Service Will Suit Your Business?

In the current day market that is highly saturated and highly competitive, getting an edge over others is a challenge. A product launch will need enough time and efforts even though one has progressed far past the planning stage. It will demand more time for building the brand recognition and growing that loyal customer base, no wonder marketers have come up with a white label.

White Label Defined

White labeling simply put is a method to produce the services and products with their advertising and then rebranding under the name of another brand that aims to increase the trust and loyalty of the customers. For a business which has not grown a competitive brand name of its own but produces the same already or at times offers superior quality services or products than brands that have established already on the market, for them white label holds a definite meaning.

Such an approach for other companies aids to focus solely on developing rather than invest in resources in promotion and marketing. White label in the real sense refers to supported service/product created by one company yet sold by another. Usually, people purchase a white label product as a generic commodity in the raw form that is consequently rebranded, made with the logo, identity, and label of the company and utilized as their own.

A white label solution will need minimal upfront capital investment as the vendor will look after every issue through software licensing, servers, data center space, tech support and costs on logistics. Post customization of the product by the company with the look as well as feel of their brand, they will sell the product like its respective collecting revenues as well as share the commission either with the technology or the service provider.

Types of White Label SEO Service

Selecting the perfect products for a business can be a challenge especially in case of a start-up. Take a look at the full range of white label search engine optimization solutions that will suit your business.

  • Search Engine Optimization- Countless people browse the World Wide Web for finding services and products. People count on the site which appears on Google's first pages. What search engine optimization does is it provides a higher ranking via building an online presence thereby giving access to more audience. Through SEO a site will receive the SERPs organic visibility without spending so much as needed on online banner advertising placements, PPC and traditional campaigns. SEO will be fit for companies that offer web development and design services. SEO will suit almost every marketing solution whose goal is in being discovered on the search engine results pages, want sites that are SEO algorithm-proof and boost organic visibility for free.


  • Social Media- People have shifted focus to the internet for finding resources yet still hold similar values while selecting providers. They need a provider on whom they can depend, one who has been already tried and tested and proven to deliver. It is social media that allows one in making connections and expanding their network, establishing experience and expertise and getting quick recommendations. Besides, it will help to open communications between the business owner and his target market, strengthening the relationship between the customer and the provider and improving customer service.


Most importantly, social media is now being integrated by social engines in their outcomes like an extra ranking factor. Social Media is a must for companies offering SEO. The truth is social media is an excellent means to maintain the online visibility they attain through SEO. The site will get constant fresh traffic and new content when one has a social media strategy that is carefully planned as well as well executed. The social media sites’ multimedia features are also good when it comes to building trust, branding, and storytelling. It will provide clients with insight regarding what one's target market demands. For more info contact a professional at the earliest.


  • Local Marketing- Getting increased traffic for the clients is not enough for catering to the business goals. One should funnel relevant traffic to their website- users that are likely to turn into customers. For attaining this, you need a targeted campaign. It is local marketing that will help one in gaining visibility, especially where it matters the maximum. Local marketing is a must for companies that offer organic SEO. One will get higher citations the moment clients get listed in the appropriate local resources such as Google+ Local. It will help in increasing the rates of conversion and optimizing the SEO process because specific audiences will only be targeted. Besides local marketing is ideal for companies that focus on a particular niche as local SEO will enable one in individually targeting market segments.


  • Competitive SEO- Ranking for leading industries is difficult as one will compete with many companies which have more resources. It is here where competitive SEO can help by giving them an edge via using aggressive techniques designed for assisting them to rank nationally based on competitive keywords. Competitive SEO is fit for companies that serve e-commerce clients, corporate clients or large enterprise-level clients as it has exclusively been designed for their requirements.


  • PPC Management- Pay per Click advertising is one of the fastest means of getting visibility on Google. That is the sole online marketing strategy that offers instant online presence with the only limit being the budget of the client. The client will begin getting new leads while waiting for the organic SEO's long-term perks. PPC advertising is apt for companies that offer SEO; particularly those that provide competitive SEO solutions. To rank for a competitive keyword will take longer compared to local SEO campaigns. Pay per Click will give clients instant visibility. Companies will need professional PPC management for ensuring that they receive the best keywords, using a beneficial bidding strategy as well as targeting the right audience.

There are many reasons why companies are using white label solutions namely - complete branding control, quick and timesaving, reduced costs, security and support, and comprehensive reporting and analytics.