Do the SEO right and keep the leads flowing!

Most businesses have a website today. They use it to generate leads and increase sales. Your company probably has one too, and it is great if it gets traffic. But do you know where that traffic is coming from? Do you rely on your customers using Google search to find you? If you do, you will need to find out quickly. For one, knowing your target audience can help you modify the content on your site. Modified content will attract more potentials to your business.

That’s where you should turn to search engine optimization (SEO). With it, you won’t just increase website traffic; you can also use it to generate leads. Relying on a search engine is a well-functioning strategy since about 93% of internet experiences begin right there. So, you have those figures working in your favor. With SEO, you can be one of Google’s top results that have a 33% chance of being clicked on! Not managing that would mean you say goodbye to a third of your website traffic.

Still, skeptical about the role SEO can play in lead generation? That’s all right, but here’s what Hubspot has to say. About 74% of companies didn’t exceed their revenue goals. Out of those, more than 70% were generating fewer than 100 leads in a month. The percentage of companies managing to generate 2,500 or more leads was abysmally low, i.e., 5%! 

But how can you do SEO right to keep the leads flowing? For that, we present the following strategies:


Use Reddit for untapped keywords discovery

Reddit, or as it is lovingly known as the front page of the internet, can be a goldmine when it comes to conducting keyword research! It is one of the best sources when you are looking for long tail keywords. Here’s how you can make Reddit give up the goods: 

  1. Click on the link for the Reddit website.
  2. a. If you are already familiar with the types of subreddits that your target audience hangs out at, then head over there. Say, you want keywords for an article on the Atkins diet. Type in r/atkins subreddit, and you’re in. 
  3. In case you aren’t, then do some quick searching. When you type in words, Atkin diet, which threads come up? What kind of subreddits can you see?
  4. In either case, once you have discovered the right subreddit, it is time to start reading. Certain terms will jump out at you because of how frequently they come up. It stands to reason that your target audience might be searching Google with those terms since they can’t stop talking about them.

Often, the phrases and keywords that you find on Reddit will be ones that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own. Well, now you can use them!

Don’t run after keyword unicorns; focus on search intent

While doing your keyword research, SEO noobs may come across keywords that look juicy, i.e., have a high volume. But does that mean it will always be good to rank for them? No! In many cases, these are unicorns because of the intent of your potential clients while searching. For example, the words, Google Analytics, will show a high volume if you look them up. 

But out of those many instances, most searchers only use the words when signing into Google Analytics. In fact, if you are involved in SEO, you will be doing that yourself at least ten times a day! That exact phrase isn’t any good for you.

Okay, moving on to a slightly longer keyword, i.e., how to use Google analytics. You will get a more modest and realistic number for that one. Even then, it will have a high volume. It is infinitely better to go after the second one. Won’t you agree? 

When targeting keywords, thus, it will serve you better to keep the intent behind the search in mind. You don’t just want traffic; you want leads. Keyword unicorns won’t add any value to your business.

Check for the following issues when you come across a keyword with a ridiculously high volume:

  • Will my potential clients be a part of the pool looking up this keyword?
  • Does it present you with a straightforward conversion to leads?
  • Are the people contributing to this keyword’s search volume from your target country?

We’d recommend not using a keyword if you put a cross against any of the issues above!


Put up readable content 

Many websites don’t have headings to break up the content on them. Our attention spans have shortened dramatically. We don’t even have enough patience to read long blogs most of the time. A heading makes it easier for us to identify the parts we’d be interested in. They also allow us to skim the content more quickly. 

Setalks experts recommend breaking down long posts into sections with the help of headings. Don’t forget to use different headings (H1, H2, and so on…) to differentiate between major sections and their subsections. With headings, you don’t leave behind a wall of text for your readers to suffer through!


Design dedicated landing pages that can be accessed via CTAs 

Do you already have one? Many companies don’t! When they don’t consult a professional, they don’t even understand the need for one. But landing pages are crucial for lead generation because you can use them to highlight new offers and attract more potentials. 

CTAs -- or Call to Action buttons -- can be placed on your website to direct your visitors to a landing page. When they end up on the page, they can partake in a specific offer. But I can do that with just my homepage, you say. No, you shouldn’t! Regardless of the type of offer, i.e., brand vs product vs download, you can convert a visitor into a lead with an opt-in form on your landing page. 

Experts also recommend doing an SEO audit of your website to gauge how well it is performing. Analyze the results carefully because they will help you set new goals. Achieving those goals will require implementing new and better-suited tactics!