Organic Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Running a website should not require lots of resources. You can do it on your own by buying an affordable domain name through a cheap web hosting then using free and ready-made template. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars to create one. The next challenge is to increase traffic to your site because to be able to start monetising it, you need decent amount of visitors who follows and frequently visits your site. No need to worry because there are free and organic ways that will help you achieve this goal and we will discuss it here in this article.


Proper and thorough keyword research

There are tons of websites and articles online so you need to make an effort to squeeze your way in so people see your site too. You can do this by properly doing keyword management. You should identify the keywords and related terms that people search about your target niche then be sure to use those keywords and terms so when they search for it, your pages will appear. Do not focus on just one keyword, instead you should target a list including long tail keywords and other related terms.


High quality content

Content is and will always be king so you should make sure to publish only high quality and related content on your site. For articles, it is advisable to write around 500-700 words per post and then make sure to use your target keywords but do not make it sound too forced or fake. You should never copy others’ work and suffer the consequence of being penalized. If you will be quoting someone, make sure to properly give credit or mention the source. Aside from articles, you can also publish video content, infographics or images but make sure these are original content.


Social media promotion

Another reliable way to invite audience to your site is by reaching them in various social media platforms. It is highly recommendable to be active in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and post content related to your site. You should try to engage with online users by answering queries or liking comments to establish good relationship. Then, make sure to always promote your site by posting the link.


Email and Newsletter

Sending good old email promotion still works and of course Newsletters too. You can do this weekly or monthly. In case you have new products or new content, you can send email promo containing links to your site. It is also a good idea to build email list so people will get notified when you have new content on your site. You can include special discount or promo code in these emails so they feel the urgency to take advantage of it.


Following these tips, you will be able to increase your website’s traffic and eventually start monetising your site whether by showing ads or by selling products or services. You just need to be patient and consistent in making efforts to reach wider audience and in time, you will achieve success that you deserve.