What Type of Backlinks Do You Need Right after Google Nofollow Update?

Creating quality backlinks is one of the major strategies to improve website ranking. Backlinks are based on Trust factor and many people think it’s just a game of quantity, not quality. Most SEO experts buy paid links or sponsored links to enhance ranking in short time but after Google’s latest Nofollow update, link building has become very strategic.


New Rel Canonical Link Attributes:

rel="sponsored": This is used for paid and sponsored links. Now it’s not used for crawling and indexing purpose.

rel="ugc": This is used to identify user-generated content links such as comments and forum posts.

rel="nofollow": Now, this type of link will be treated as a hint and not as a strong signal anymore.

In my post, you’ll find:

1. What are bad backlinks now?
2. How to analyze backlink’s website?
3. How to gain quality Inbound backlinks?


Here are 4 types of backlinks which are not trustworthy:


1. Low-quality Blog or Article directory submission websites:

Generally, low-quality blogs are known for pulling down the ranking of your website. If a particular website contains irrelevant or duplicate content then it has a bad reputation in search engine’s eye. It’s always better to avoid publishing low-quality content including guest posting.



2. Deep-link exchanges:

There are certain follow links that will work well for your website. In case if your backlink profile contains exchanges from spammy websites then it can create problems. This will indicate that you are in a danger zone in Google’s eyes. It’s better to stay away from such types of reciprocal links to avoid penalty.


3. Spam web 2.0 properties:

Most people do web 2.0 submissions as they can very easily post blogs, comments, reviews, etc. with the web 2.0 properties, but after the new update, these properties can be responsible for imposing a high penalty.


4. Paid links that pass Link Juice:

Link juice is a term that refers to ownership passed from one page or site to another. And this process is taken out with the help of hyperlinks. Most of the search engines consider the link as votes and a way for promoting their website. If you are buying links then make sure you use the rel="sponsored" tag to avoid penalty.


How to Analyze Bad Backlinks:

1. Majestic Trust Flow

Trust Flow is known to be the king of link Metrics. This metric is very useful to be aware of your competitors, performing link audits and analyzing bad backlinks.


2. Relevancy

Relevant and good links are known for improving the search engine ranking and driving more amount of organic traffic to your website. On the other hand, irrelevant links will put your website in trouble.


3. Link Type

Links in the footer, sidebar and navigation links don’t carry much link juice. But the links present inside the content gains the attention of the audiences. And these links are also known as contextual backlinks.


How to Clean Spam Backlinks

1. Disavow Tool

Disavow tool is a part of Google Search Console. This tool is very helpful in preventing your website against link-based penalties. The benefit of using the disavow link is that you can protect your site from bad links that can affect the reputation of your brand.

2. Manually Contact to Admin

Sometimes it’s not possible to clean the spam backlinks with the help of tools. In this case, you can manually contact the admin and request him to remove backlinks. This process can be time-consuming but it will prove to be beneficial once it’s completed.


How to Create Quality Inbound Links


1. Competitors Backlinks Analysis

This technique is very useful in reviewing the different websites present in your industry. With the help of this strategy, you can be aware of the competition in the industry and identify different strategies.

Competitors Backlinks Research using Majestic SEO

Step1: Enter your competitor’s website, go to the Backlinks section.

Step2: Now you can export all the links or check one by one. Make sure you select only most relevant backlinks.

Step 3: To identify backlinks authority you can check URL and Domain Flow Metrics as per below-given screenshot. The lower these Metrics are the less trustworthy search engines consider these backlinks.

2. Guest Posting

Writing guest posts on highly ranked and traffic websites can prove to very beneficial in generating powerful incoming links.

Best Way to Pitch Bloggers: 


3. Broken Link Building

Broken Link building is a white-hat building strategy which is used for finding broken links, correcting broken content and fixing the irrelevant links. And this technique has become the most effective and scalable in recent years.


4. Interview Other CEO’s and Founders and Companies

It’s highly recommendable to interview other people and companies to be aware of certain things happening in the industry. And after gaining the knowledge you can implement all those things in your business.


5. Infographics

Infographics are the graphical visual representation of data or information. And it’s considered as a great way for engaging with your audiences and displaying data more interestingly. Plus these infographics have a positive impact on the website.