Focus More Or Local SEO To Increase Local Engagement

One basic step to follow to increase search engine optimization or SEO is to focus on increasing local engagement. This concept of local SEO is more commonly followed by the SEO professionals all over the world.

Ideally, when it comes to SEO, experts all over the world believe that there are three basic components of it. these are:

  • Traditional SEO
  • Location data and most importantly

Out of all these three components, it is a common scenario that the SEO professionals now focus more on engagement. The primary reason for such increased attention by the SEO experts is that they believe that local engagement will gain the central position in the near future. It will have a better and larger impact on the SEO process overall.


Tips to improve local engagement and SEO

Therefore, focus on improving your local engagement by following these tips so that you can have a better chance to reach to the top of local search engine results pages.

  • Boost interaction: With the help of the newly introduced Question and Answer feature of Google you will be able to reach out to your potential customers to ask relevant questions. However, you will need to pay specific attention to the questions that you may be receiving because such questions are every easy to miss when you use this feature. If you answer the questions, it will encourage interaction which in turn will boost up engagement and SEO.

  • Highlight the medium: Do not expect that all of the users will be aware of the Question and Answer feature of Google. Therefore, you must highlight the medium through which your clients who are interested and prospects can reach out to you. when they do so, make sure that you respond to all their queries as best as possible so that you can keep the conversation and in turn the engagement going.

  • Knowledge panel: You will also gain a lot if you use the Knowledge Panel of Google which is another excellent and useful addition to the local SEO scenery. However, pay attention and ensure that the information provided in this is relevant, up-to-date, and 100% accurate. For this you will need to review the information on a regular basis. Remember, it is only relevant and accurate information that will encourage interaction and engagement.

  • Google posts: When you use this feature, you will be able to share relevant and useful information with your consumers. However, you can access this feature if you have a Google My Business account. This feature will also help you to launch new products, introduce new services, make important announcements, and keep your readers well informed about the upcoming events and products. however, Google Posts are valid for only a week. Therefore, make it a point that you review these posts regularly so that you can refresh your posts before it expires. This will enable you to gain more social followers organically from different channels such as Instagram without having to buy Insta likes.

  • Use UTM tagged URLs: Share your latest blog posts using Google Posts to gain some more traffic to your site. Well, Google does provide you with analytics and tracking, but it is prudent not to rely too much on it only. You must instead use UTM-tagged URLs along with the Google Analytics in order to track the number of organic traffic that flows to your site from Google Posts.

  • Care for the emails: The emails that you send to your customers will play a significant role in the engagement and SEO. Therefore, you should be mindful about the emails you are sending. This will indirectly help you to satisfy the needs of the ranking algorithm of Google because nobody really knows exactly which method Google uses to decide the engagement rate. Therefore, you will be better off if you proceed thinking that everything will have both positive or a negative impact on the local SEO.

All these steps will ensure that you reach out to the right audience in the most comprehensive and productive way.


Manage your emails

Managing your emails is easy if only you follow a specific process and keep a few things in mind. Make sure that you send relevant content through your emails that will add sincere value to your readers to maximize subscription rate.

Also, you must try to improve the open rates of the emails sent by you. you can do this by:

  • Using different subject lines techniques
  • Test and tweak the emails regularly
  • Analyze the data and
  • Optimize your emails.

It will also be useful and productive in the long run if you follow the 5-1 rule while sending emails to reach to your target audience. According to this rule, you should send only 1 promotional email for every 5 informative emails that will add value but sell nothing.


Mistakes to avoid

While getting the things right for your local SEO is important, it is also very important to avoid the common mistakes that most inexperienced SEO professionals commit. However, you do not have to worry even if you make one or a couple of these mistakes but make sure that you fix them when you realize it in order to have a positive impact on your SEO, website and local engagement. The common mistakes to avoid includes:

  • Providing unavailable and inaccurate NAP information that includes Name, Address, and Phone number which is extremely important for local SEO and will impact sales and conversions
  • Not claiming your Google My Business page as that may also affect your listing in the SERPs and local engagement
  • Not verifying My Business listing will allow you to have total control on your page listing as well as the info provided on it that you want to share with your potential customers as well as the existing ones preventing any other people to edit your page and
  • Ignoring on-page SEO signals and off-page search engine optimization techniques will also be a disaster for your SEO.

All thee mistakes avoided and the steps followed will ensure faster and better SEO results.