Horrible 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Doing Local SEO

Local Google Ranking of many businesses are being sabotaged due to committing common SEO mistakes, and the worst thing is they don’t even know about it….

Are You Not Getting Expected Results For Website Rankings?

Having read about struggling businesses every day, we all can say that getting SEO strategy incorrect may spoil your marketing strategy if you are not able to wrap it up on time. Even there are so many local SEO agencies who are still bleeding from penalties from Google due to wrong decisions and common mistakes during local SEO activities.


Look - There is nothing worse than having a knowledge that your own SEO team is actually struggling to give your business expected heights.


SEO Audit Engagement is a very important and authenticated part of digital marketing. It is a process to determine the major reasons for mistakes committed by the digital marketing team during the local SEO process in any organisation which is making them liable to sabotage their own Google rankings. So, here we are to tell you about common mistakes people do while local SEO acts: -


The Most Common 5 Mistakes People Do (& How to ignore them)

Common Mistake (1): Keyword Offenders

One of the major misunderstandings of readers and Digital markers is SEO revolves around keywords only. As Google algorithm has changed, the role of SEO activities is not only limited to keywords. Keywords are the part of complex algorithms, but lack of proper understanding could lead to major mistakes, these are:

Keyword Stuffing:

Keyword stuffing is the major issue, it happens when people literally don’t know the importance of keyword density and they stuff one web page text with similar words over and over again. It obviously looks unpleasant to readers which makes it difficult for you to retain potential traffic over the website.

Use of wrong keywords:

Many times it happens that people choose the wrong keywords without searching for whether it’s wrong or right. For example, if you want to rank a high-end kitchen model, never try to optimise “cheap kitchen remodels”, even if it has a high search volume. You should make sure that your chosen keyword should be the ones that are targeted by the audience.

Common Mistake (2):  Lack of Quality Content

Have you ever thought about the relationship between content marketing and SEO? Content with good quality can make you king but you will not be able to rule over it until your produced content is highly-productive to grab the attention of your audience. If you are not able to share valuable content with your website visitors, it could of two major reasons:

Scraped Content: -

As it sounds, Scraped contents mean those contents which are plagiarized and copied from other sources and mediums. These things are very common in service and IT companies that they try to scrape and copy similar content from competitors websites or from any cheap SEO agencies. Google usually spots copied content, charges penalties and doesn't let you claim someone else’s work.

Thin Content Content -

Thin contents are classified as those contents which hardly offer any value to readers. If you deploy any duplicate pages in your website in order to generate content automatically, doorway pages with very less valuable content. For example: uploading a blockbuster movie page with no surface-level characters. You will get a bad review and there will be no use of SEO optimization.

Common Mistake (3): Forgetting about Local

Google Pigeon update is a platform authorised by Google and completely provided a new field for local search engine optimization. Local SEO haGs become highly converting and mostly targeted between local area reviews & making a Google My Business Page. According to recent studies, around 50 per cent of mobile searches lead customers to visit an in-store same day. Around 76 per cent of local searches are being made only for local business and sops information. 80-87 % of customers prefer reading online reviews before purchasing anything. 87% of people believe in reviews to make purchase decisions. So It becomes necessary for the SEO team to focus on the SEO keyword research segment. But they ignore the keyword research segment based on local and regional intent. In the sake of promoting business at the national level, we neglect the importance of local SEO promotion.

Common Mistake (4): Not Paying Attention to Paid Media

According to research and studies, SEO concentrates on nurturing and focusing leads whereas paid media focuses on converting leads. But what if we break down these silos and create a message that “Target The Customer at every Pace of the Digital Marketing Journey”


As an SEO provider, do you even understand what your client actually wants and which kind of keywords they expect us to use for Google Ranking? Are you focusing on promoting the same services and commodities pages using similar keywords in the paid media team?


Lack of basic knowledge and difference between Paid and organic media promotion, SEO agencies and companies ignore major key aspects that the client actually wants. Beyond this, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter page ranking tools offer exotic and robust audience analysis tools and equipment that can be used for local SEO activities while doing paid media campaigns. It can be helpful to understand the client’s customers and targeted audience. Local SEO consultants should focus on discovering new keywords that could help them to concentrate on driving more authentic clicks in the search outcome.

Common Mistake (5): Ignoring Own Website Regular Audit

One of the biggest mistakes all Local agencies usually do that they forget regular optimization of their own website. Regular website audit helps anyone to understand where they are exactly standing in the market in the comparison of their competitors. These audits are generally done on the basis of products, services, website ranking comparatively to the competitors. A website Audit is important after the process of site migration and new services, products and tools implementation. When SEO team implement plugins, the following common mistakes they usually do which occur from time to time:


  • Duplicate Content
  • Unnecessary link/Broken Links
  • Slow Website Speed due to poor coding
  • Use of oversized images
  • Meta Tags Unoptimization


These URL parameter errors can be resolved and duplicate content can be removed from your cookies by inserting canonicals on mail source pages. This will help the SEO team to allow all signals to point them back from duplicate pages to the main source webpage.


Further part of the audit is to check and verify the reevaluation of onsite content strategy. Content strategies are based on industrial dynamic trends and their changes in the market. Content strategy and optimization cannot be the same for IT and manufacturing Industries, & same as for product and service-based companies. Most of the industries are dynamic and flexible enough to understand that new innovations could crop up and a few services may become obsolete with the time. So creating content related to those topics which showcase the importance of search engines and user expectations.


Final Thoughts

Everyone commits mistakes internationally-unintentionally during their work and one the worst thing is the inability to recognize them. So, consulting with Local SEO agency can be the best choice. Consulting the best practices can help you get a bit of advice and help you to figure out and scale up your own and client’s business.