Blogging 101: How to Optimize Your Content?

How do you make sure that your blog is noticed?

Most bloggers fail to see the importance and potential of search engine optimization (SEO). They believe that blogging is simply about writing articles. But the truth is, it takes more than just a well-written article to successfully run a blog. Here are six blog SEO strategies that can help get your blog seen:

5 Basic Blog SEO Strategies for Better Content

Conduct keyword research

To reach the right audience, your blog post must rank well in search engines. This is the importance of keyword research. Keyword research helps you see which words your audience uses to find certain products, services, and information. It determines keywords and key phrases that will help you create content that will rank well and get noticed.

Write a good title

A good blog post title makes your article more enticing to users. An effective title will make users want to click on your article when it shows up on the search results page. To make your blog title SEO-friendly, you should use your focus keyword in the title. Consider using power words that trigger certain emotions like fear, envy, or desire.

Utilize internal linking

Internal linking sends your readers to older and relevant posts. It’s a great way to establish connections between your old and new posts and to keep older posts alive. Be sure to link new posts to older articles, but also edit older posts so that they link to newer articles.

Write a meta description

A meta description provides a brief description of your article. It’s the text beneath the article titles that show up on the search results page. Meta descriptions allow users to get a “sneak peek” of your article before clicking on it. Be sure to stay within 155 characters and use your focus keyword in the meta description for better SEO results.

Add Images and Videos

It wouldn’t be a complete blog SEO strategy list without images and videos. Between an article with plain text, and an article with text and images, which one would get your attention? We’ll take a guess and say the latter. Search engines prefer engaging content that has images and videos. You want to add images or videos between paragraphs to break up the blocks of text. Just be careful about image copyrights!

By practicing these five SEO blog strategies, your blog can get higher rankings on search engines, increased web traffic, and higher conversion rates. If you want your blog to be seen, you’ve got to start creating optimized content.