5 Clever Tricks To Make Money Easily On TikTok Videos

I think you are aware that TikTok is one of the rapidly growing social media platforms with high popularity. Currently, it has a massive strength of 850 million monthly active users with 20.33 million daily active users. There is no doubt; this count will keep on increasing. Do you think it's possible to make or earn money on TikTok? Of Course, yes, it's not a difficult task when you follow the right strategies. 


Plenty of popular creators have tried to make money on TikTok, even some of them achieve it. Do you know? They are earning five to seven-digit incomes. On the other hand, certain people are ready to quit their job and in order to do full-time on TikTok. You may wonder how influencers on TikTok generate money through short videos right. 

This article lets us see some of the effective tricks to make money on TikTok videos.

Let's get started, 

Make Money From Your Followers 

By hosting live videos, you can earn money from your followers. Actually, it's a direct way to make money from your audience. It is like, your followers can purchase coins from TikTok. You can make use of those coins to buy gifts or products. During live videos, you can get all those gifts. You can even use those gifts to buy any costly things like gold, diamonds, anything. That is, that can be converted into real cash.

Of course, it's a long process to get paid. But, still, it's one of the best ways to get money directly from your fans. It is very beneficial, when you have enough followers, to generate enough income with the help of sponsored and affiliate videos. 

Take Part In The TikTok Creator fund.

Another method to get directly paid by TikTok is through a creator fund. This method comes under the revenue sharing model. Here. TikTok will pay you some amount of money through ads, depending on your audience and their engagement. Though it's in the beginning stages, it doesn't have a clear structure. Moreover, it has certain restrictions to participate, and not all your videos will give money. Anyway, this is the only way to get money directly from TikTok. 

Do some research on the creator fund before they get into this method. This is because it has both positive and negative reviews. 

What About Sponsored Videos

If you have a massive audience, a sponsored method is one of the successful ways to generate money on TikTok. By promoting other brands or products in a creative and organic way you will get paid.  Irrespective of whether you have a personal account or business account, the real TikTok game lies in the number of followers. If you have fewer followers, concentrate on generating more engagement through buying TikTok followers for your profile. As a result, you can increase TikTok followers growth and audience attention, which helps to boost followers count, it helps to get quick fans for your account.  You can also get paid by making videos including brand mentions, product reviews or recommendations.  All your income is purely on audience engagement you received for your sponsored videos. Everything matters here, followers counts, views, and likes obtained for your videos. 


Actually, sponsored content is not an unusual thing, it's quite normal and familiar to the audience. Plenty of users have experienced seeing their beloved influencers who promote other products or brands regularly. Anyways, people get annoyed or feel bad when their influencers promote products in a forced manner especially, too often. So, if you plan to do sponsored videos, remember to pick the right brand or products, and the way you promote them is very important. 

Affiliate Marketing 

One of the popular and effective ways to earn money on TikTok is by promoting products and services. If you are an affiliate, this is a worthy choice for you to generate income. You have two ways to make money; one is a flat rate for one sign-up or audience who purchases the product through your unique link. It is based on the purchase percentage. 

As an affiliate, you need to make videos promoting the product and place your affiliate link in the description part. Also, include the link in your bio to increase the clicks. This way, you can receive money whenever your followers follow your link and purchase the product you recommend.

For instance, have a look at Amazon affiliates; there is an increasing number of affiliates for this website. That's why you may spot so many "TikTok hauls" or some other hauls related to Amazon. 

Moreover, you could see lots of brands, from beauty to finance, have jumped into this strategy. If you are passionate about any industry or brand you want to make the most of it, then an affiliate partnership is the best. 

Advertise Your Own Products & Services 

If you are a marketer or owning any business, advertising your own product or services will help you to make money. TikTok is one of the best marketplaces for business owners, any kind of artist. They keep on posting behind-the-scenes to drag their audience to get connected with their brands. Moreover, these kinds of content will always create buzz or curiosity to know more information related to your business. As a result, you will get more fans who are engaged with your work. They will likely buy your products from you. Usually, service providers, coaches, and social media managers have a habit of promoting themselves by sharing many informative details in their videos. It helps them to showcase their expertise and encourage potential customers to purchase their products. 

Tips To Make Your TikTok Videos More Engaging To Generate Money 

If you are planning to earn money through TikTok videos, you need to know how the TikTok algorithm works. Gaining money on TikTok is not difficult if you know how to create engaging videos. 

On TikTok, if you are a marketer who sells your own product, then it's important to create interesting and creative videos to advertise your product. Next, you need to identify your niche, target them accordingly. Because if you target the wrong people, it won't work for your account. 

Value your audience presence, give instant replies to them, and respond to their questions. Build good relationships with them, interact with their content. Providing valuable and sharing informative details is very important. Boosting your engagement rate is the only key to make your videos get famous, hence spend time editing and choosing topics for your videos. 

Winding Up

It doesn't matter whether you sell or do affiliate marketing, it's the perfect stage to reach a young and energetic user base. Within a short span of 15 seconds of your videos, you can attract millions of people. It is completely up to you to choose coins, creator funds, or sponsored videos to generate income. Remember, promoting other products or services is an effective way to get 100% money on TikTok.