Do You Think AMP Impacts Google Ranking?

Is AMP a Google Ranking Factor? Or what do you think AMP has an impact on search results? 

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Read this post till the end carefully to know the arguments for and against AMP as a Google ranking factor.  

If we talk about AMP, it is an HTML framework that enables desktop-optimized sites to provide ultra-fast mobile versions of web pages. It was created by Google, which has led to claims that it delivers pages a ranking benefit in mobile search over non-AMP pages.  

Google has exposed those claims and said AMP is not a ranking factor. 

We got the answer, and the matter closed, right?

It is very easy to say the AMP is not a ranking factor and does not give the business advantage in rankings and leave it at that. 

But, my friends, we cannot write it off and neglect its impact on other elements that are good for SEO.  

Being the best SEO marketing company in the USA, KPL Tech Solution is here with evidence about AMP’s impact on search results and how it is linked to other ranking factors. 

Let’s have a look: 

The claim:

AMP is a ranking factor!

The claim here is very simple. AMP gives pages a ranking lift in Google’s search results.   

In the year 2018, when Google launched the technology, AMP came up in discussions about ranking factors. 


  • Google has a pole in its success as a technology, and it is the main reason AMP is thought to be a ranking factor.  
  • Google is answerable for the creation of AMP and enthusiastically encourages using it as part of a larger effort to speed up the web.  
  • In theory, Google could increase the adoption rate of AMP by turning it into a ranking signal.  
  • The ranking lift would be like a reward for using Google’s innovative technology. Obviously, that would be partial to any site not using AMP.
  • You could claim that it would be forcing sites to use its technology to stay relevant if Google used AMP to rank search results.    

Gratefully, that is not how search works. 

But AMP is not inappropriate to SEO by any stretch, according to the top SEO company in the USA.  

Take a look at the proof of how AMP impacts SEO

There are pieces of evidence against AMP as a ranking factor:

Again and again, we claim that Google has confirmed that AMP is not a ranking factor.  

In Google’s progressive SEO guide, the company says it ranks all pages using the same hints no matter how created the page:

“While AMP itself is not a ranking element, speed is a big ranking factor for Google Search that implements the same standard to all pages, no matter what technology is used to create the page.”  

This quote focuses on something we mentioned earlier about AMP impacting other things, like page speed, confirmed ranking factors.  

Sites that use AMP as a ranking factor can possibly benefit from these other signals. 

Page speed has been a ranking element for mobile searches as of July 2018.

AMP can help sites send stronger ranking signals regarding mobile page speed because it is created to load pages immediately. This can lead to good rankings. However, sites can generate the same signals without AMP.

Core Web Vitals

When the page experience algorithm update was disclosed in June 2021, Core Web Vitals also became ranking factors. 

 “There is a lot of probability that AMP pages will meet the edges. AMP is about providing the best quality, great experiences; its first design goals are closely associated with what Core Web Vitals measure today.

It means that sites built using AMP likely can easily meet Web Vitals edges.”

Core Web Vitals has the ability to boost a site’s search ranking and this can be achieved without APM.   

Is AMP a Google Ranking Factor?

Multiple times Google has confirmed that AMP is not a ranking factor. It can positively impact other ranking factors, like speed, but it is not a factor on its own.  

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