Do Keywords Matter for SEO in 2022?

“Keyword Research is the most crucial, valuable, and high return activity in the search marketing field. Ranking for the right keyword can either make or break your website.” - Rand Fishkin Moz

Are you wondering how much will keywords matter for search engine optimization in the coming years?

According to Ahrefs, a whopping 94.42% of keywords get about ten monthly searches or fewer. So, if you write a blog without conducting proper keyword research, your content will fail to generate organic traffic. And as we all know, the center focus of every business is gathering more traffic.

There are several ways to win a spotlight in search engines, and SEO keyword research is just one of them. Optimizing your website for specific keywords gives you the power to control which searches you rank for. Moreover, key phrases should always be connected to your content.

So, yes, keywords do matter! However, to get a better understanding, dive deep into this blog.

Let’s get started!

Significance of Keywords in SEO

We usually don’t type any lengthy queries while searching online. Instead, we use certain key phrases related to our question to get the best results. Hence, by adding such phrases to your website, you gain more visibility online.

According to top SEO experts in India, keyword research is a technique used by businesses around the globe to determine what their audiences are interested in.

Companies use various keyword research tools to know about the phrases that are popular among their target customers. And thus, they use them in their websites to rank higher on search engine result pages.

Keywords can help you rank high on SERP, increase organic traffic, and grab the users' attention, who might turn into potential buyers later on.

Furthermore, there are different types of keywords:

  • Branded
  • Non-Branded
  • Local and Global
  • Brand and Geography
  • Brand and Product

Here is How Key Phrases Can Help in Brand Promotion

Did you know that the key phrases can actually help your brand in many ways? The following points will help you learn more about it.

  • They are Valuable Clues to Gather Content Searcher

Keywords act as valuable clues that directly points to what the content searcher is trying to retrieve. They are usually directional. However, an issue arises with the vocabulary between the index system and end-users, who always ask the same thing in different ways.

This is the reason why Google and other search engines have advanced query expansion technology. For instance, if you type ‘dog crates’ as a query, you may come across tropical dog crates as the first results. It is more relevant and can quell user satisfaction than the web page that only matches with dog crates to qualify it.

Hence, the closer the user’s query matches with the relevant content, the better it is. Moreover, search engines would not exist if the users knew what they were searching for!

  • Determines the Appropriate Target Audience

With a thorough competitor analysis, you can easily identify a gap in the content. Suppose while carrying out your consumer’s key phrase visibility with its competitor, you may discover that he doesn’t have the required content material or hasn’t optimized the content piece at all.

Let’s take a situation to help you understand in a better way. I was asked to handle a financial client who wanted to rank for ‘kids’ bank account. After conducting competitor visibility analysis, there were many competitors who ranked for ‘teen bank accounts.’ The client’s page, title, headings, and body content does not have a ‘teen bank account.’

However, kids and teens will not be the same. Once the content material was created for a teen bank account as a substitute, it was optimized and marked for the schema. After which, it was published and promoted. Remarkably, the conversation rate increased by about 13%. Thus, this keyword helped to determine the right target audience.

  • Locate Prospects from Various Zones

While researching on prospects, consider visibility to gather knowledge about what key phrase rank is in different places and various zones. For example, customers searching for digital marketing services won’t reach your website even if their location falls near you. This is because your web page doesn’t include all the relevant information and topics related to digital marketing.

However, to avoid such a situation, you must cover all the relevant topics related to your industry. Audiences search for various types of information under one specific niche. So, keywords can actually help you gain potential customers coming from different locations.  

  • Your Website will Earn Significant Traffic

Google’s primary web page receives the most clicks. The top results alone take away about 28.5% of the clicks. If you improve the visibility of your first page, then you will earn more traffic. This will, in turn, increase sales for keywords that have high volume.

Ranking for a low-volume key phrase is useless. You must concentrate on high-volume keywords and the ones that answer the queries of web users. Along with this, you must choose key phrases with less competition level to rank in SERP.

Content pieces with relevant keywords that are educative will attract huge audiences. Moreover, one right key phrase can be more effective than 100 key phrases together.

Can You Really Track Them?

Key phrases are valuable since they deliver traffic, conversions, and gross sales in main locations. However, it can be costly to track all business-level keywords that have numerous products and services. You will come across more than millions of keywords through your desktop and mobile phones.

It is great to have a list of important key phrases valuable for your brand. Usually, it is normal to find out high-volume keywords that can bring considerable returns. You can track a few hundred of them based on your business niche.

Follow these Tips to Find the Right Keywords

Before starting with the keyword research, ask yourself, how can you help solve end users' queries? And what is the main purpose of your website? If you have a proper answer to this question, you will easily be able to define your goals and keyword strategy.

For instance, suppose you called a service expert to repair your air conditioner. You hear the expert person say that the internal wires need a specific coating. But, you are unknown about the term entirely. So, what you do is Google the term to gather information.

All businesses should start creating content that describes the problem rather than just providing the ultimate solution. Furthermore, the historical paid search data will display which key phrases resulted in conversions and sales while conducting keyword research. With this, you can determine what type of content you should make.

The Key to SEO Success is Building High-Volume Keywords

The success behind an SEO strategy truly depends on keyword selection. So, make sure to choose them wisely. It might take you time to target the specific ones, but it will eventually generate significant results with time. Furthermore, pay close attention to your results, and don’t be afraid to make any changes if needed.

However,  if you are less confident about doing this job alone, you can rely on multiple listing websites to do keyword research for your business, understanding your budget, requisites, etc.