How to Prepare Your Website for Black FridayCyber Monday

As Thanksgiving keeps drawing closer each day, Cyber Monday and Black Friday are around the corner. Those people who sell their products online must definitely prepare for Black Friday. The reason is that this is the biggest shopping day of the year.

Most people will go crazy as they shop for the best deals. The online retail world also gets into the game by offering special promotions and sales for Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

The online numbers for Black Friday keep on increasing year after year. In 2015, for instance, more than 121 million individuals shopped online on what was just regarded as Thanksgiving Day.

Given that there are so many people buying online, you definitely need a plan for your store. That is why this article seeks to help you understand how to prepare your website for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here are the top things that you need to do as you prepare for this day!

Promote Early

If you are not promoting your business actively, you will be leaving a lot of money on the table. Therefore, you should consider getting a promotion plan and calendar. Put on paper all the important notate tasks, dates and get all activities related to social media, emails, and blogs ready.

The other thing you need to do here is to give your website a very thorough health check. You have to make sure that the site can comfortably handle traffic influx without crashing. Check the shopping cart and make sure that your online store works properly.

Lastly, confirm whether you have a return policy in place. Customers will purchase the wrong size and color. Therefore, you have to help them return these items with a lot of ease and have the right display network.


Make Sure Your Website is Responsive

Most consumers use their phones to do shopping. In fact, human beings virtually do everything through their phones. To get maximum returns as a store owner, you need to optimize your store and website for the Smartphones.

Life comes with so many downtimes and people like to browse for stuff during the moments to spare. Purchases made through phones have been increasing by close to 65% each year. That is why you need a website that is easy to scroll through and read.

Don’t forget to connect your website to payment solutions such as PayPal. People should also be able to buy using a simple thumbprint through Apple Pay.

Most customers want sites that they can buy in less than one minute. Put all these things in place before the Christmas rush sets in.

Stand Out In the Market

Bad marketing easily kills momentum. An ugly site will automatically turn people away. The other thing to pay close attention to is how your copy reads. Potential clients will go elsewhere if they have bad grammar and spelling or a bunch of nonsense.

A website that looks janky will not give visitors any confidence to place an order from the store. Pay close attention to the web development design and marketing materials that you are using.

All the above things will help you to undertake a solid campaign. However, you need to go a step higher if you are longing for success. Spending on the right marketing strategies will definitely increase your sales internationally as well as nationally. Here are some of the easy ways of achieving this objective;

  • Beef Up Landing Pages

If you have several landing pages for each item, more buyers will get it. To have 5 top selling items in your store, just make a page for each of them.

However, this does not mean that you go cheap. Google knows how to sniff off things that are slapped together. That is why you need to invest a lot of effort and time in the design and copy of the pages.

  • Stick to the Tried and True

Even though there are so many social media platforms, shoppers prefer emails. That is why the conversion rate of emails is still the highest. However, you will still need great writing and have links that are working perfectly.

  • Employ a Copywriter

It is worth noting that copywriting is an art and not everyone can handle it. Getting an A in English does not qualify you as a great copywriter. The copywriter should prepare SEO-friendly content that shines. It is the only way to improve your Google ranking.

  • Write Blogs That People Will Want to Read

This goes back to the element of great content. If you would like to tell the journey of a buyer or are selling lifestyle products, have a blog that sings.

Make sure you get a team of writers who will produce substantial blogs. People want to read something that is relevant to their personal interests. You should never become a victim of a bad blog if you wish to get an easy win.

  • Do Not Skimp on Your Website

You need a website that has an amazing look and hence you should not slap something together. People are willing to spend more in order to increase their conversion. Therefore, you should not be striving to increase your sales at the expense of quality.


These are the main tips on how to prepare your website for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As a store owner, you have to maximize your sales and profits at this time. Remember this is the season when everyone is willing to buy and hence you have to provide them with the best deals and shopping experience.