12 Types of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

If you want to increase the organic traffic to your website, then you must be aware of SEO. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process by which you can make your content pop up in the first place in the search results in any search engine like Google. Most of the time you need to add relevant keywords which are searched by most people and in this way, you can rank on Google search results. Suppose you are getting around 8 to 10 results after searching some keywords on Google, it is more likely that you will choose the first ones to gather information. So you need to hire an SEO services company that can provide you with all the services to help you out with your business website visibility. There are different types of SEO services at affordable rates which you can easily increase.

1. White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is the service by which digital marketers use different processes to optimize content. They use relevant keywords, meta tags, and flow of writing to make sure that the article ranks in Google. White Hat SEO service focuses on Google rankings most of the time. In this process, you must ensure that the website is easy to navigate and that users find it friendly.

2. Black Hat SEO

In this SEO service, the weaknesses of the search engines are used rather than genuine strengths. Here, spam links and illegal backlink procedures are followed to get a better rank. This process is not so ethical, and most of the time it is advised to avoid Black Hat SEO. But sometimes, a few marketers use this as a process to get into the Google algorithm.

3. Gray Hat SEO

This process is somewhere between white hat and black hat SEO services. Here, mostly genuine ways are used to get ranked in Google. But sometimes, the marketer uses a few black hat SEO techniques, which can bring illegal traffic to the website. That is why this SEO process is considered to be risky as well. It is always the best practice to go for white-hat SEO. But sometimes choosing some black hat SEO techniques is okay to win the game.

4. On-Page SEO

In this case, you need to optimize your website to be visible in the search engines. Here, you must research relevant keywords deeply and curate a thoughtful and optimized meta tag. Other than that, the quality of the content should be as good as a rank 1 in Google. For that, you also have to optimize the URL and image tags. Sometimes you can use the interlinking process's help to have a large viewer base.

5. Off-Page SEO

This is the process where you don't have to touch your website content, and still, you can make some optimization by promoting your content on social media and other blogs. It is really interesting nowadays to build a brand image with the help of social networking platforms. Here, you can also choose guest blogging to create your impression on the readers.

6. Technical SEO

It is much more complicated than any other SEO process discussed above. If you want to optimize accordingly, you need to pay attention to the website's mobile-friendliness and site load time. The website's complete structure should be so that it can attract more visitors to read and stay on the page to read it completely. These things come under the technical SEO process, and it is not such an easy job.

7. International SEO

If you want your content to make a mark in the international market, you must research other countries' cultures. Then only you will understand how you can grab their market with your content. You need to maintain their time format, writing style, and the particular structure of the country. You can also use some location tags in the keywords to ensure that people from other countries can find them.

8. Local SEO

It is opposite to International SEO. Here you have to focus on a particular location, generally a small region like a city. You need to use keywords depending on the region so that the people of that location discover the content. This is the main goal of local SEO. You can also feed the map to make it even more optimized.

9. E-Commerce SEO

If you include any e-commerce product in your content, you must promote it accordingly as needed. You must add the URL as the tag and write something about it to show the viewers that the product is good enough to purchase, and that is why it is very important to include E-Commerce SEO while optimizing your website.

10. Content SEO

This SEO process helps to optimize the content with relevant information in such a way that it can help the readers know certain details about the topic. Uniqueness is the key in this case, and also the usage of graphs, charts, infographics, and videos are the helpful elements. These components help the visitors to get attracted to the website.

11. Mobile SEO

This is the SEO process by which a website can be optimized to visit it through mobile phones. Currently, we always have our phones in our hands. So it is always better to have mobile SEO in the content to make it a strong site point.

12. Negative SEO

It is the most disgusting way of SEO in digital marketing. In this case, negative SEO is done to reduce the visitor of the competitors so that they can get attracted to your website. But it is highly unethical in this business.

These are the major SEO services available in the market. If you consider these services, you can build a good brand reputation among your readers.