Like To Get Traffic In 2 Hours?

Confused? Frustrated? Fed Up? Still waiting for traffic to reach your web site?

I must confess, when they first told me, my heart sank like a lump of lead. The search engines would take weeks to list my site, they said. How on earth would I survive so long... with no customers? Boy, was I worried sick!

Yes, the "regular" search engines do take their time. Then again, they're free.

Later I was chatting to a student eating lunch in the park. He said,"Why don't you just try the pay-per-click search engines? You can get traffic as fast as a couple of hours! Or days at most."

That saved my hide! It could save yours...

So would you like some traffic... cheap, targeted and without loss? It's quite easy, really.

Pay-per-click search engines can inject your web site with just the people who are searching for what you offer. In fact, these are one of the most profitable, most effective ways to drive interest-focused traffic to your web site.

Here are the benefits of bidding in the pay-per-click search engines

1. Instead of having to wait weeks or even months for your site to be listed (as with many other search engines) you can get increased traffic and sales immediately.

2. To be ranked in a #1 spot for your keywords all you need to do is outbid others. Very straightforward, compared with the battle for positions in the "regular" search engines.

3. You pay only when someone actually clicks through to your site. That is, you pay only for advertising that works! No clicks, nothing to pay.

What to do

In a nutshell here is how you go about it:

1. Choose keywords that describe what you're offering.

To make a profit, you need to know what keywords and phrases your best potential customers are typing into the search engines. Write down all the variations you can think of.

2. Bid (much like in an auction) for top-ranking positions under those keywords.

Each time a visitor clicks to your site, you pay. If you outbid the top shown price for any keyword, you will automatically be ranked as #1. Prices vary from a cent to several dollars.

Before bidding you need to know how much it costs to get one visitor to your site. If your site is new, calculate how many visitors it took to get your first sale. Price your bids so you at least break even.

3. Be as specific in your ad wording as possible.

Because you pay for every click, it makes sense to filter out those who are definitely not going to buy from you. Advertise the price of your product in your headline. This will mean less clicks to your site (thus less to pay) but better qualified clicks, for greater profits.

You see, pay-per-click may be just what you need... cheap, risk-free and quick..