Social Media Marketing - A Revolutionary Way Of Link Building And Increased Traffic

Social Media Marketing


Today, every SEO blogger talks about SMM (social media marketing) what is it? The internet itself is a social environment; it was years before when you simply make a website and put information over there. Today, the internet becomes a place where people come and exchange their ideas thoughts, especially after the evolution of web 2.0

In short, the social media will be the future of internet, not only for the home users but also for those who are in the field of SEO. The evolution of social media has completely changed the SEO techniques and link building methods.

Link Building

After search engine algorithm, the second thing that is continuously evolving is off-page optimization (link building), before couple of years ago reciprocal linking had been performed by webmaster, then three way linking, then one way linking, then paid linking and now social media linking. The search engine algorithm continuously gives credit to those links that are coming from social media network websites like Digg, Stumble upon etc.

Google is the leader of creating social media environment, the social websites, blogs; platforms like youtube, myspace, facebook get lots of importance in webmaster eyes. Now the search engines algorithm gives more important to those links that come from social media websites. The best way to increase your links with SERP is to use combination of different social websites, like directory submission, bookmarking, local listening, article submission, and SMM.

The one of the most effective link building campaign is through blogging, write a blog related to your website and submitted it to other blogs with a powerful back link. Do mail to the bloggers and ask them to give reviews about your website and publish this post on their blogs. This will definitely increase your link popularity and you will get high PR back links and boost your search engine ranking.

Another benefit of getting links through blogging and content is that, when people read the blog post or content, they will come to your site for more information. The paid linking and other methods of linking will place your links on those pages that are not often visited by the people. Such links only give you listening not ranking and traffic.

So when people come to your site after reading blog on other websites, they will visit your website and if they will like your website; they will promote your websites on other blogs by placing your link in comments.

Nowadays, the social media marketing is only the way to get trusted back links and to boost your website in search engines.

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