Social Media - Word Of Mouth Of The Web

Social media has established itself as a powerful business phenomena on the web. Entrepreneurs use it strategically to scale up their business and manage the subsequent. And all the investments they make is to solidify presence on the web with effective social media activities.

Companies use social media tools to involve their customers with the core aspects of their business and utilize them in achieving their prime goals and objectives. Social media is the new way of word of mouth publicity providing the most desired marketing results. Here are some tips to make good use of social media to promote your business.

Build Brand Awareness on Social Communities

Social media provides several tools opportunities to create brand awareness and generate efficient sales leads for a business. Social networking websites typically have groups and communities comprising of people of similar interests. All you need to do is find your niche target group i.e. people who would be looking for your kind of products and services or to whom they will appeal the most. Once you figure this out, it would be very easy to market your products and services to them. And because the audience is highly targeted, you will achieve maximum results for your marketing efforts. You can create a strong brand identity among your target audience.

Microblogging with Twitter

If you think you are not cut out for blogging, then opt for a microblogging platform – Twitter. Just create an account on the website and if you have a decent brand presence in the market, you will have people following you in no time at all. Then you can simply 'tweet' a one liner about all the announcements and offers that you have currently. Even if you have a dedicated business blog, you can tweet links to the posts so that people get to know you. Remember, people may not visit your blog daily but they sure visit their Twitter account and if they read an update their, they are sure to trace it back to the blog.

Viral Videos

Videos are yet another powerful social media tool. Because of their increasing popularity, you can expect to attract more and more crowds. Just think of a good idea and upload it on video sharing websites like YouTube. Remember, the videos should not be blatant self promotional message but should be entertaining for the audiences as well.

Beta Launch

This is the best possible way to test the waters before you take the final plunge. If you want to evaluate the market response to your new product/services before you actually launch them, then a good idea would be to launch them in beta phase and invite selected users to test it. This would give you a chance to see if people like it or if not why don't they like it. Based on these findings, you can make improvisations on the product before launching them finally to the larger audience. And because you have already upgraded it to user requirements (even if it is to a particular level) you can expect a better response to it.