Should Storeowner expect sales from their Social Media Campaign? And Why?

Over 90 percent of marketers have reported that social media campaigns help in improving business exposure. Some think that only FMCGs can benefit from social media campaigns. However, the truth is that the retail sector can also grow their sales through these campaigns.

If you are a store owner, you must spend time in devising a social media strategy. It will help you improve your bottom line. Here is why.


  1. Social media campaigns have a broad reach

In 2017, 71 percent of internet users were present on social media. Moreover, among the four billion internet users, 3 billion people were on social media in 2018. This means that social media is an excellent platform to reach the masses. While conventional forms of marketing can only reach a limited number of people, via social media marketing, you can reach thousands of your customers in a go. More and more people spend a significant portion of their time online. So, social media marketing can help your store in targeting them where they are present.


  1. The power of zero moments of truth

Imagine that you are a potential customer going about your day. You realize that you need grocery delivered to your home. What are the chances that if you see an ad about a store that offers such a service,  you will go to the store’s site and purchase the required items? Well, chances are quite high. This is the power of reaching customers during the zero moments of truth. And this is what social media campaigns deliver. They help in increasing sales by showing the right message to the right people at the right time.


  1. They increase brand awareness and recall



  1. The stats prove the importance of social media for stores

Yes, your store needs social media campaigns to increase sales. Why? Because there are various stats that suggest so. Online stores that have a social media presence tend to have 32 percent more sales than stores that don’t. You need a social media presence to have a positive impact on your sales. However, it is advised that within the social media realm, a 360-degree approach is used. Consistent online presence should be maintained on all major social media platforms.


  1. Most Ecommerce sites are doing it

As a store owner, one thing that cuts into your sales is the increasing sales of your competition. In today’s digital world, more and more Ecommerce stores are opting to have a sound social media strategy. This is because they realize that it is a cost-effective way of reaching the masses. If you don’t wish to improve your sales through such campaigns, you still need them to combat your competitors. Remember, unless you are operating in a growing industry or market, you are fighting for a more significant share in the same pie. The only way to succeed is by getting the market share of others. At such a time, social media campaigns ensure that you are present in the consideration set of your customers. This increases the chance of your store being picked for purchase thereby increasing your sales.

How to use social media campaigns to improve sales?

Are you convinced that you need social media campaigns to boost the sales of your store? The next step is to understand how. Here is a rundown of the ways in which you can use social media campaigns.


  1. Increase customer engagement by being personal

The best thing about social media is that you can customize your communication according to who your target audience is and only reach them. For instance, you want to target the younger demographic within your target audience. You can customize a message for them and only target a given age segment. This can help you in remaining relevant to your audience, which is bound to increase sales.


  1. Use social media as a platform for customer support

Your social media campaign doesn’t necessarily have to be just about marketing your store. Instead, you can use it to offer better and fast service to your customers. All the big brands answer queries and complaints of their customers on Facebook and Twitter. Do the same and watch as your store’s reputation improves. And a store which has a better reputation in the market is bound to be sought by the masses.


  1. A hashtag can take you a long way

Do you think hashtags are a trend of the past? Well, think again. Hashtags have selling power like no other. This is because they help customers in seeking relevant information. Using the right hashtags can improve your bottom line immensely. Make sure to use them wisely. If you can manage, you can also use it as a tool. For instance, Amazon allows its users to add products to the cart via its tweets through the use of #AmazonCart.



One thing is for sure, your store’s sales can increase through social media campaigns. Whether or not you will be able to pull off a successful campaign is a different story. Plan thoroughly before launching a campaign, and you are likely to succeed.