The Future of Chatbots for Social Media

Since their introduction, chatbots have sparked a lot of interest in how they can be applied in different fields, one of them being communication between brands and customers on social media. Chatbots are computer programs which aim to simulate a conversation with a person through artificial intelligence. By utilizing the process of deep learning, speech, data and pattern recognition, the chatbots are able to provide the user with accurate results for same queries. In the past years, they have found their application in social media and other websites as a means of providing users with assistance with less complicated issues they encounter, thus assisting them just like customer support would. With their constant development and the benefits they offer, chatbots have also found their place in the marketing strategies of many companies.

Chatbots on social media

Marketers around the world have either implemented chatbots on social media platforms or are considering doing so, in order to provide their users with a more personal engagement, by allowing them to interact with the bot in real time and receive solutions and answers to their questions instantly. With the number of messenger services users constantly rising, having a chatbot they can interact with will increase the online presence of your company, and make it easier for them to reach you, regardless of your working hours. For now, the most common application of chatbots on social media is either customer support or completing different orders. However, there is a notable trend of companies also looking to replace communicating with customers through email with communication via social media messengers. One of the examples for companies reaching out to customers via chatbots is “chat blasting”, which is similar to an email blast, except the content is being sent through messaging platforms. The tactic has shown encouraging results, as customer engagement rates have proven to be much higher than in the case of sending emails. This is because users tend to prefer using chat messengers to email.

Should you invest in a chatbot?

Similar to any marketing strategy, the answer to this question requires some consideration. First of all, you need to consider what you want to achieve. Of course, some applications, such as customer service, really have no downsides, since having a chatbot here will increase the speed at which issues are resolved. On the other hand, before investing in the development of a chatbot, you should take into account how it will improve the customer experience or your business efficiency, and carefully plan your strategy, in order to be sure you will meet your customer’s needs. If you are considering this option, you should consult professionals in the field, such as Eiight Clients agency in Melbourne, to help you with optimizing your efforts to reach your business goals, and make sure the invested time and effort pay off in the end.

How chatbots can help businesses and their customers

Apart from automating responses to questions asked by customers and thus saving time, chatbots can also guide users to the information they are looking for by asking them relevant questions and leading them to the best place to find the answers they are looking for. Further, they can provide them with interactive ways to engage with brands, in contrast to traditional communication via telephone or email. By making this type of communication a fun experience for the users, companies can be sure that their customers will be more likely to interact with them again in the future. Finally, the chatbots have a unique ability to provide quick answers in an emergency, when the company office is closed. For companies, this presents a much cheaper alternative to having employees available for customers around the clock.

With artificial intelligence technology constantly developing, chatbots are bound to be a part of the future of social media platforms, moving on from replacing FAQ pages to providing users with all kinds of services and helping businesses with reaching potential customers. What this means for companies is that utilizing the options chatbots offer when it comes to marketing on social media and making it simple for the users to interact with them, will be crucial in order to remain competitive and stay ahead of their competition.