Where B2B Marketers Are Winning in Social Media

Here are the most valuable social media platforms for many B2B marketers:



This is not questionable. It is not so long that LinkedIn morphed from a newbie professional networking site to an influential world force. From the very first tie, B2B marketers have been trying to decode the program for B2B success. With millions of users there are lots of opportunities and doors to open, don’t you think?In quarter 3 of 2016 LinkedIn already has 467 million users that jumped to 590 million at the end of 2018. The number of users is increased by 123 million in just two years. To provide further transparency in B2B marketing, LinkedIn also reported that 80 percent of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, and in order for the B2B marketers to distribute their content they also use the platform.


Since LinkedIn is a popular social media platform for professionals, it also becomes a basis for a good B2B social media marketing tactics. LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft, that is the reason why it has double down on that stake expanding the use of company pages, post authoring, hash-tagging and many more. Both for B2B marketers and B2B sales teams this platform is the one to put your trust when building a professional network. All of these make sense because of the platform’s credibility and authority.


Though, LinkedIn is not the only platform still functioning. We also know about Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are still credible and useful platforms for some B2B marketers.



B2B marketers find it difficult to choose on which social media platform they will invest their marketing efforts, some also missed the opportunity of using effective platforms that might work for them. Twitter can provide effectivity to connect with the target market, especially for B2B organizations. Firstly, search regarding Twitter’s development over the past five to seven years to you will gain more useful information. Given that it already has hundreds of millions of users, it is very effective that B2B marketer’s use this network to connect when they know that majority of their target market is o Twitter.

Secondly, Twitter is the ranked 2 most used platform when it comes to content marketing objectives. LinkedIn gained its ranked 1 title. Twitter allows organizations to have a conversation with audiences in a way that other social networks do not. Companies use Twitter to connect with users in real-time, answering queries, posting updates, and replying to other posts.



Instagram can provide an opportunity to build a community that will help you grow your B2B business. Recently, more than 25 million companies and organizations worldwide are using the advantage of Instagram for business. This platform can be a strong visual marketing channel for your brand.


Instagram is a social networking app that is designed for sharing photos and videos from a mobile phone and other handy gadgets. When you create an Instagram account it means that you will have a personal profile and newsfeed. When you post a photo or video, it becomes visible on your profile, and your followers will see your post in their own newsfeed and vice versa. It is very useful for B2B marketers to keep on tracking and provide brand awareness to their target market.



Facebook, the network once originally used to connect with friends and family, has already changed its algorithm to cater the users’ demand. B2B marketers can now use this in their marketing campaigns. With its newly designed system, Facebook can provide targeting and advertising solutions that is very effective especially for B2B marketers. You can post your company’s content and attract further engagement on the site.


Just be aware of your target market and purpose before incorporating any of these platforms in your marketing strategy.