Facebook is Ready to Stir Innovation in Voice Assistants in Market

Facebook is one of those companies that manage to somehow stay in the news all the time. Whether it is because of some of the new features or new techniques related to social media marketing. At the same time, FB is always geared up to make most of the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, etc. And, now, FB is trying to make it big in the world of AI, as they are planning to build their own version of ‘Alexa’ or ‘Siri’. Yes. You read it right! FB is all set to compete with some of the big players in the voice assistants’’ market like Google, Amazon, and Apple.  The company is planning to develop its very own ‘voice assistant’. Though, there hasn’t been a lot said about it by the company, but it has definitely become a hot topic of discussion by tech aficionados.

Why FB didn’t enter the voice technology market earlier?

Facebook hasn’t been able to develop anything powerful using voice technology till now. Though, rumors have been surrounding for quite a few years now. The main reason why FB didn’t make it big in this field is that as per them, the users were not demanding it. However, now, as the demand for voice assistants is high, therefore, the company has realized that it is the right time to commit to voice technology and build something strong and useful. Hence, Facebook is all geared up to make a decisive bet on AI and voice technology, and they are trying to make the most of it.

Facebook’s version of Alexa/Siri or Google Assistant

Facebook is all set to make something interesting and useful using voice technology. Though, sometime back, it was believed that FB is already developing a powerful speech recognition feature, which was to be named, Aloha. And, as per a few of the reports, Aloha is expected to be the groundbreaking voice assistant by FB that all of us have been talking about! The voice assistant by FB is expected to be integrated into the Facebook Portal to make it a lot more engaging. Most probably, it will be a part of FB’s existing video chat smart speaker system. Although, at present, the system is using Amazon's Alexa. But, soon, as FB will have its own assistant, then they won’t have to use the voice assistant of a third party.

Why is the market of voice assistants flourishing?

There is simply no doubt about the fact that the market of voice assistants, be it Google Assistant, Siri or Alexa is blooming at the moment. It’s not that one of the assistants is doing well, but, overall, the industry of these AI-powered assistants is growing immensely. One of the major reasons steering the tremendous growth of these AI-powered voice assistants is the high adoption rate. The people are loving the voice assistants, thus, the adoption rate of these magical python software solutions is soaring. And, the key reason behind the immense adoption rate is the convenience that these devices offer. Technology is all about making our lives a lot more convenient. And, this is exactly what voice assistants are doing. They are making it a lot more comfortable for people to make use of devices and gadgets. As the users no longer have to type what they need or wait for the response to come. Instead, they just have to command the voice assistants and they instantly get the answers.

One of the other key factors leading to the success of voice assistants is the fact that they are quick, and they save a lot of time for the users. We are living in an extremely fast-paced era, thus, there is no doubt about the fact that we need everything to be as swift as possible. This is exactly where the role of voice assistants come into play! They make the complete process of searching for information a lot faster. At the same time, there is no doubt about the fact that voice assistants boost connectivity.

Voice assistants are pretty popular and useful, therefore, the market for voice assistants is only going to get bigger and bigger with time. Also, they are expected to be integrated into many social media portals too. And, now, as Facebook has realized the importance of a voice assistant, therefore, they are now trying to build their own so that they don’t have to rely on the other companies for this technology.