Social media trends in 2021: What do the experts predict?

With the global emergency of pandemic cases, everyone has to stay inside their house. The pandemic made us more and more engaged on social media. We have stopped meeting friends, going outside, shopping, and traveling just because of the global pandemic. Being at home increased our engagement with social media. Social media is a platform that always makes you stay connected online no matter what.


Thus, the rate of engagement on social media increased tremendously. As per statista, there were a total 3.6 billion social media users in 2020. The figure is projected to reach up to 4.41 billion 2025. The social media rate surged by 49 percent in January 2020. As per data, the total time an average user spends on social media is 144 minutes per day. Facebook had 1 billion registered accounts previously and currently, it has 2.7 billion active users that make it the most popular social media accounts.


The most popular messaging apps are Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. The total revenue earned by Facebook from the year 2010 to 2020 is 21.22 billion U.S. dollars. The revenue generated mostly by mobile devices. As per stats, social media earned revenue in billions. Developers and mobile app development company in Dubai are adding new trends in their apps. So there are hottest trends integrated with social media platforms which made our quarantine more engaging to social media. In this article, we will talk about what are those social media trends that are going to continue in 2021.


What are Social Media Trends going to continue in 2021?


1.  SEO drives organic instagram visibility

In 2021 marketing, there are two things SEO and Reels. As you see Instagram, it has become more user friendly. Now you don’t need to use hashtags, you can search in the search box any keyword and the post will come out automatically. This coming year is the year of organic SEO as now more and more users prefer websites that are ranking on SERP because of their high-quality content.


2.    Reels Ignite Organic Instagram Exposure

The new feature reel is engaging active users with its short fancy video content. The reel is 15 or 30 seconds long. The reels are getting more views as compared to Instagram stories. You can add songs and text to make your video content so engaging. The users, even small kids, are now entertained by such reels. It has taken the place of the TikTok industry and gives the same features in one application.


3.  Facebook advertising success is tied to the customer lifecycle

As you see, Facebook advertising cost is so high. Facebook advertising is only successful in already existed customers. Facebook is adding new features like IGTV stories, videos etc. The Facebook algorithm also changes day by day. You have to go to paid advertising keeping in mind its algorithm. The other options like story, marketplace, bell icon, and other amazing features are being added to make it more engaging.


4.    Linkedin Networking behavior changes

Now LinkedIn has more chances of spam connections. Previously, everyone was helping each other genuinely. Now users made fake profiles for the sake of more followers and post engagement. They post fake content about jobs which ultimately harm the norms of LinkedIn. People now on Linkedin are more actively engaged in conversations, videos, blog posts, and long text.


5.  Linkedin Culture has been shifted to conversational transparency

Now connections on LinkedIn are more conversational about their previous experiences. Users are having conversations in comments and by posting questionnaires. The link has added story features in the app. The users are now getting more and more personalized, sharing their real-time experiences and values. Having lots of followers is a new normal on LinkedIn.


6.  Personality becomes key to youtube growth

Now it has become mandatory to have youtube channels that make your personality more digital. If you have a business then you should also have your youtube channel which is a new trend in 2020. Users now directly go to youtube and watch your videos. So it becomes necessary for you to advertise on youtube because your 70 to 80 percent traffic comes from youtube.



The pandemic changed the culture of social media platforms within a year. From Instagram reels to LinkedIn stories, social media platforms have become more and more user friendly. Linkedin has more and more active users which are making professionals so personal and creative.


 Facebook still has its user base on the peak which also added new features for their audience. Currently, all the social media platforms are optimizing features every day so that their audience does not shift to other platforms. In this article, we talked about hidden trends that are going to be highlighted in 2021.